Day Forty-Five (45): Off From Work, Falling Behind

Day FortyFive (45): Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

45) Start With The Energy of Manifestation

For manifestation to take place, energy must be expended. The process begins with a desire to have something, let’s say, a new friend who will become your romantic partner and possibly your future husband. In a measured and thoughtful manner, you think about what you want as clearly as you can. Next, your imagination wraps around new qualities, traits, or skills that you hope he will have. The more you think about exactly what you want, the more refined the image of your new mate becomes–he can cook, dance the salsa, and romp with the kids and dog with a wild spontaneity. Imaginative thoughts of interacting with such a person gives you pleasure and your thoughts of him become charged with positive emotion.

Definitely needed to spend a day at home . . . besides having homework to do, I need to take care of my place. Now, that I’ve started school; it is apparent I must simplify and organize my life, my things. I have too many things! Just as I was speaking with Mozz on Sunday.

Nevertheless, I was really out-of-it today, which may be emotional; my inability to organize or rid myself of the many things in my life. I am speaking of physical things; mostly paper, photographs (too many), etc., etc.

In fact, on Sunday, due to some of these thoughts, April 11th, I backed up all the stuff on my computer.

Really all I can recall on this sick day . . . I was feeling too tired to do my homework and put it off another day.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



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