Day Forty-Eight (48): Playing Catch-Up and Mourning

Day FortyEight (48): Saturday, April 17th, 2010

48) You Will Soon See The Result

According to the Law of Attraction experts, your expectation and anticipation will now pull the mate you seek into your life. Just as a mustard seed, at first appears to tiny and seemingly inconsequential, once sown in nourishing soil, can spring forth to become the greatest herb in the garden, so, too, will the dream in your heart sprout its fullness. In the New Testament, Jesus explained in the Parable of the Sower the unseen power of the tiny mustard seed to grown into something great.

It has been an odd week, and Mercury in retrograde has proven itself the victor. Thus, I will move backwards from yesterday to try to get up to date. I am not sure most of it will be lost to memory, just as my computer lost all its memory . . .

Yep, a few days ago . . . when I meant to catch up, do my homework, etc. My computer’s hard-drive died. What is amazing, on April 11th, for the first time in months; I decided to back up my computer on DVD! Sadly, when you read about Friday — I have yet to recover the videos, photos, etc. that were on my old system. Mind you, only a couple of years old.

My friend, Cyndi Donovan, is in town and went to an event at the Mariott Marquis today. I stayed home, all day, doing my on-line college homework! I lose 2 points for each day I’m late. Thus, my 2nd week of school will not be good, as far as my grades.

This day was not exciting . . . and I couldn’t stop eating. I overcame my fear and did step on the scale once. I haven’t really lost anything; really, I cannot stop eating. But, I haven’t really gained, either. It has been weeks, I might add. No loss, no gain . . . just sustaining my initial loss of about 10 pounds. It’s frustrating and pisses me off. I even watched The Biggest Loser on tv; oddly, it was a week where no one lost any weight or very little! LOL!

The Mourning: I received a voicemail early today from Jenee Bandler. She was crying. This is the day her brother died in 2007. Norman Bandler was young, barely 30, or not even yet 30. He had an accident in his apartment in Los Angeles and was found dead.

Norm, I know you’re enjoying the party on the Other Side. I still wish we could’ve reconnected.

I met Norm when he was about 10 or 11-years-old in a group called Centerstage USA, out of our home of Phoenix, AZ. I was about 18 or 19-years-old. I think the boy had a crush on me. He was so sweet!

Otherwise, this day was not overly exciting. Other than chatting with Kamal (Anthony Azizi) and Diane about our “special date” on April 25th! We are all going to Lincoln Center. Well, Kamal is performing there . . .

My conversation with Kamal was nice tonight, even though I was tired. He told me how much he loves me . . . we’ve been friends since 1996! It will be great to see him, again.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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