Day Forty (40): Hot Boss Fantasies and English Rain

Day Forty (40): Friday, April 9th, 2010

40) Love Is Essential

Humans require love to flourish. Love energizes thoughts, empowers individuals to dream and follow their bliss, and enables their efforts to manifest. In his best-selling book, Think And Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill explained that it is by our predominate thoughts that we thrive. Many people might agree that when thoughts are of love, they leave a deep “imprint” in our psyches and hearts. We become powerful creators when we learn to transmute negative thoughts into positive ones, for example, anger into appreciation, and then magnetize our thoughts with love.

Last night, Tim texted and asked me to come in today. Sort of a hassle . . . it was raining this morning. And rainy days are not fun days in tour busses.

I was happier to discover we had the covered or half-covered busses out today! And the last time, sadly, I’d see “muffin” as Erica and I call him.

On one of my tours, I met this really cool young girls from England. And they were very excited to hear my English accent. In fact, she gave me a compliment. She said my English accent was “too posh” to be like hers. She is a stand-up comedian, she said on YouTube. I gave her my card and I hope she does email.

I told her and her friend how much I love English men. These girls, by the way, are of an Indian background (India) and raised in England. Her father had an Indian accent, actually. They were so impressed with me they promised to find me an English man. When I told them to make sure he is “old” — they were shocked to hear my age!

Met up with Erica after work, as she done with her day, too . . .only three tours since I was called in.

Erica met me after I had already had dinner, by myself, at Cosmic Diner. I needed to mail my past due taxes today and needed to get near the post office (open until 11 p.m) on 34th Street. Although, she was in the mood for Dallas BBQ, so, once again, I went there . . . 

We ended up at Tick Tock Diner, on 34th Street after I dropped off my 2002/2003 taxes at the James A. Farley United States Post Office. I was getting sick all day, though. Sore throat and bad stomach problems. We stopped at Duane Reade for some remedy for my very upset stomach.

At the diner, we went through some fun scenarios about our hot boss . . . which are for a more private place. Let’s just say coat rooms, tuxedos and subway stairwells will always bring pleasant memories of fantasies!!! LOL!

Still not feeling well, though . . . and went home to pass out; since I am off tomorrow. I woke up and had very bad heartburn. I feel young and then I get these awful symptoms! Aging sucks . . . 

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa


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