Day Thirty-Nine (39): Hot Boss Hits The Road

Day ThirtyNine (39): Thursday, April 8th, 2010

39) Look To Your Dreams For Symbols

The same is true if you have a recurring dream about, say, searching for a key while traversing the top of a mountain. Such a dream might be pointing to a search for the wisdom key and higher states of consciousness as represented by the mountain. It could also mean the challenges you have faced reaching the top (success in achieving your goals, etc.)

You may find a powerful symbol in the dreamtime to use as a touchstone for your work of consciously manifesting. Working with your dreams can be fun, intriguing, and instructive.

Near the end of my 2nd tour, riding on a dead head w/the driver; Tim Ries, my boss, called and was explaining yesterday to me. You see, it seems, since I work at the corner of 47th Street/Broadway . . . and not 50th Street/8th Avenue, most of my shifts: My first two tours are considered only one tour. Why?

From 47th Street/Broadway, the first and second tour (at least, mine) end at Battery Park and do not continue to South Street Seaport, then to 1st Avenue and back to 47th Street. We end at Battery Park and deadhead, just the driver and myself, back to 47th Street.

And although it is a long day . . . it is considering two 1/2 tours; and thus, one full tour. I’m supposed to do four in a row!!! Nevertheless, as I told Tim, I was particularly tired, was having heat stroke and, even if I do four a day — I need a friggin’ half hour break in between tour 2 and 3, or something!

After my 2nd tour, from 47th . . . Tim had me go over to 50th Street/8th Avenue and do a full tour. This time, though, only three. Tim also informed me, it was his last week as my, our boss. He found another job and this coming Tuesday will be his last day. Disappointing because, well, he’s hot and fun to look at it! Damn!

I told him . . . now we can be friends on facebook! Because, he’s there, and I won’t friend my boss. Now that he won’t be my boss, I can friend him, right? Then, he said . . . “It’s only for family and close friends.” And then muttered something about email.

Oh, who knows, not sure he’ll keep in touch…Tim did provide me, though, with some great fantasies.

Since I was off early . . . and Jordan had contacted me about a DVD I needed to give him from Alejandra. I contacted Christine and we met at Dallas BBQ on 23rd Street. Jordan came later, int he middle of our conversation.

Christine ended it with Craig . . . well, no contact since Easter. And she met a great English man; but he wants to be friends. We did a reading before Jordan arrived.

Afterward, Christine and I went to Chelsea Diner to talk more . . . and as we said, “do a reading”. Which we needed to finish, anyway.

Better day than yesterday, though . . . except I’m still feeling a bit weakened and a sore throat.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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