Day Thirty-Eight (38): Four Tours And I Need A Funeral

Day ThirtyEight (38): Wednesday, April 7, 2010

38) Find A Potent Symbol With Personal Meaning

Perhaps there is some object that has deep personal meaning for you that you wanted long ago and still do not have. Perhaps there is a certain symbol that always reminds you of that object. If, one day, you find yourself cutting out a magazine picture, and discover that it’s of a lipstick red, Porsche convertible, just know your subconscious still wants that car. Go for it. The magazine picture will be a good reminder for you to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest it.

It was hot, hot, hot today! Almost record heat for this date . . . which was 89 degrees (in 1929). Today New York reached 88 degrees.

And guess who got to be on top of an open bus for nine hours, nearly straight . . . in the heat and the sun? Yes, that would be me!!!

It was brutal . . . I had come back from my third tour, in a row and they asked me to get on a fourth! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Before my 3rd tour was over . . . I was feeling a bit of heat stroke: weak, stomach ache and nausea. Then, still with a headache, dehydrated, stomach still aching and wishing I could throw-up or lie down; I am sent on a 4th. I was often nearly passing out, dizzy and too hot.

My poor tourists were probably upset at how quiet (yeah, me, quiet) I was . . . just not in a mood to do one more tour.

Thus, my title this day . . . when I got on the bus for my 4th tour, I texted my boss and told him to hire some Tour Guides as this is the 3rd week in a row I’ve done four in one day.

Worked nine hours, today . . . with no real breaks!!!

The good news, or is it bad news: I had a reading @ 7:00 p.m. with a client (Psychic/Intuitive Medium Reading). I was off a bit early, I mean, for the client. And I hadn’t really eaten normally all day. So, I went on over to Theatre Row Diner and ordered dinner before my client arrived.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring her phone number and I wanted the $25.00 for the half hour reading; which, really, ended up being 1 hour 1/2!

My client arrived on time . . . but, wow, was I pooped, tired and just generally weak. Although, the reading perked me up a bit.

After a day like this . . . though. I needed a rest and my throat was so sore. Not sure, and am trying to manifest health; I may be coming down with something. Probably just allergies, though.

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa




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