Day Thirty-Six (36): College Begins, Abundance Rains & Writers Emerge

Day ThirtySix (36): Monday, April 5, 2010

36) The Universal Power of Symbols

There are literally thousands of symbols, from ancient to modern. Some may have obscure meanings while others are universally understood. While certain symbols may be associated with myths and cultural traditions, other hold special meaning only for certain groups.

Some symbols have represented a specific meaning for centuries. Symbols such as a wheel, rose, key, cross, and a lotus still represent a mystical entry into transcendental states of consciousness and hidden knowledge or wisdom. However, such symbols may also have other meanings associated with them, depending upon the culture in which they are found. For example, the cross, a sacred symbol for Christians, is also the symbol of earth to the Chinese.

Today was my first day of college . . . on-line!

Sort of exciting, yet, at the same time. It all seemed so rushed to me. I told Jenny & Lauren (last night, in fact) that I wouldn’t be there to volunteer.

So, I had to call the California Tax Board, as well. With my due date fast approaching for back due taxes from 2002 and 2003; I didn’t want a repeat of them taking money out of my account. They agreed, if I send it on Friday — they won’t pull all my money out of my account.

Hope my rent check comes out, first, though . . . or I’m out of luck.

Also, my first homework assignment was due today. It was a great one; easy . . . a bio to share with the class. And to greet, at least, two of the students.

And today, the MONEY REIGNED IN!

My cell bill was due today, right? So, I warned a bunch of people, in text, that my main cell phone may be cut off for a couple of weeks. At least, according to Sprint; unless I could come up with $179.00 in two days. But, I feel I needed two paychecks; thus, two weeks. Sprint would hear nothing of it and said my phone would be cut off in two or three days from now.

My dear friend, in Queens Village asked me how much the bill was. She told me, “I’ll send it to you PayPal and some extra for you.”

I told her I could pay her in two payments, each paycheck.

She said it was a gift and no need to pay it back! She gave me $300.00!!!

I would say her name, but I’m not sure she wants it publicized so publicly!!! LOL!

Then, I went out for some errands and found a $1.00 bill on the ground outside my building. I was raining money from the skies . . . and friends today! Beautiful!

Thank you, Universe for this abundance . . . !

Got to bed a little past 11:00 p.m. when, ideally, the day before my morning shift — I should aim for 10:00 p.m.

Oh, my friends . . . you must check out the link below. I discovered that my friend, Clint Irwin, whom I did the show with last week has some various talents; not only is he a very funny actor, he is a deep and brilliant writer! I’m awe-struck. Really, check out his work, which he calls FRAGMENTS. Really, let me know what you all think. I’m so impressed with his skills!

A new friend of mine, I wanted you all to be aware of the incredible writing talents of this man. Check it out when you get a chance, of course.

And oh, Clint . . . don’t freak out or something. Talent is very, very attracting. Ok, I admit it now. I have this school girl crush on you, now. Thank you so much! When I met you, I thought  you were cute. Then, you can act and you’re funny, sarcastic, too — which means you’re extremely intelligent and you are this incredible writer.

If you were five years older . . . or I was ten years younger (if only). Well, who knows what would happen.

Oh Universe, while I’m making wishes: Here’s a more realistic one for you. Since I cannot become ten years younger . . . how about fifty pounds lighter?! And no sagging skin! Or if there is, the money for the plastic surgeon once I lose the weight!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



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