Day Thirty-Five (35): Easter, New Beginnings & Tim Curry

Day ThirtyFive (35): Sunday April, 4th, 2010

35) Use Symbolism To Focus Your Intention

In Jungian psychology, symbolism has always served as an important and powerful tool, especially in the healing process. Patients are often encouraged to focus on symbols that embody special meaning for them. These symbols may appear in a patient’s dreams or in their mindless scribbles and doodles. Those symbols deemd most potent may become departure points or pathway’s inward into the psyche.

Use a specific symbol that holds cultural or spiritual meaning for you. Use the symbol throughout the day and also at bedtime as a reminder to meditate or visualize having the thing most desired. Place the image on a refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or bedside table where it can be easily seen.

A lot I needed to do at home . . . and did some of it.

Tommorrow my school begins. I had many texts saying “Happy Easter”, too.

Now, mostly, though . . . my thoughts went a bit down this evening. Exactly a year ago, and without too much detail (as the person of which I speak may read this); I developed an interest in a man. I told myself, mostly and my close friends, I would give the friendship a year to, hopefully, blossom into a more romantic relationship, if possible.

For the past year, I have certainly utilized my Law of Attraction . . . feeling fully I am in a relationship with him. Several different psychic’s, tarot card readers and even, friends, said that all signs point to “yes” that he and I are an ideal and will end up “together”.

Anyway, it occured to me, with our friendship. Well, as usual, really — I’m the better friend. I pursue the friendship. I support his endeavors. Sometimes he supports mine, but almost only when he has direct involvment. Certainly, he doesn’t know, truly, how I feel and I would not ask him to change his life . . .for me. Yet, dreaming of him doing so.

There are complications, although we have progressed. The friendship is solid and just not as far or as deep as I hoped, now, one year later.

I’m unable to go further with details here; again, for fear he will read my words and know. My final decision at the end of this day; and my “deal” with the Universe.

Either, send him to me . . . free and clear to be with me; or release this from me. Release this love, this hope, this belief that we are life partners to one another. And, of course, a way to release it, as the Universe knows: Send me someone whom I feel this for even more.

If I cannot have “him” . . . then, send me a “one” I can have. Now! And manifest the feeling, the person . . . who feels so close that he seems to be here.

I will let it go . . . or, as they say, let go and let God.

Oh, yes, there’s more . . .Phone calls, tonight!

Chatted with Kamal (stage name: Anthony Azizi) . . . he had lunch with TIM CURRY! Yes, my Tim!!!  Apparently, Tim has stopped smoking (again). Which is way cool. This is a man who is a two or three pack-a-day chain smoker. Thus, in a two-hour lunch, he didn’t have one smoke break or cigarette. Kamal and I assume he must’ve stopped.

And that said, in a couple of weeks … I will be seeing Kamal on stage at Lincoln Center. After the show, I will hang with Kamal and friends of his; friends such as TONY SHALOUB!!! Yes! They did a great film together; a film that never found a distributor. It’s called American East — find it on DVD and tell me what you think. Heavy stuff and worth it.

Also, spoke with my favorite cawkee talk lady, Diane Mastriano. We’ve been friends now about or more than fifteen years! Wow! We met because of our admiration for Tim Curry, in fact and our mutual interest in England and metaphysics.

More later, though . . .

LoveLight & Laughter

Angela Theresa 


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