Day Thirty-Two (32): Fast, Fear & Foolishness

Day Thirty-Two (32): Thursday, April 1st, 2010

32) Like Attracts Like

That sums up how the Law of Attraction works. It is not possible for the law to be biased. If you are happy, upbeat person with a smile for everyone, except to find friends and good experiences wherever you go. Your thoughts bring those experiences into your life. On the other hand, if you are more like a curmudgeon, with a negative  attitude, a sour expression, and complaints about everything (including each ache and pain in your body), do not be surprised if people avoid you and disease, disaster, and disappointment seem to lurk around every corner.

Another Opening . . . Another Show

This was the scariest day . . . and probably the hardest; especially when you do MTS’s Spontaneous Combustion! Which is usually on a weekend. Well, this time, it wasn’t! Thus, I only went through memorizing my long script an hour and a half last night, once this morning. My prayer was to do two to three tours today at work — just so I could get to the theatre and rehearse with Clint and Amos.

So, on my first tour, whenever I had a dead head (bus returns to port with no passengers); I would go through my lines. MAKING GALE was by the far the most to memorize. I really did have the lines down, though . . . then, it was just trying to get to the theatre.

As luck didn’t have it! After my third tour, in a row, I had to pee like a racehorse and figured it was, indeed, my last tour of the day. Well, we arrive at 47th Street/Broadway (port) and there’s a line of tourists and NO TOUR GUIDE. I was freaking out inside . . . because I knew, for sure, they would want me to go right back on the bus!

Of course, I was absolutely right on the money!!! I told the dispatch I was going to pee myself and he sent me to the bathroom and said he’d hold the bus. I prayed, at that point, that another Tour Guide would magically appear.

As I came back, feeling better, a bit . . . but still wanting and needing to go to the theatre; The dispatch said he’d call my boss, Tim, and see if I could go home; and to send another Tour Guide over (from 50th St/8th Avenue), our other port. He agreed, but Tim wanted to see me first. I thought, fine . . .give Tim time sheets and get my rear over to MTS. Clint has since texted me that he was, indeed, at the theatre waiting to rehearse.

I get over to 50th Street/8th Avenue, relieved and ready to just go . . . Tim and Troop (our regular dispatch) motion me to get on a bus sitting there, with passengers!!! OH MY GOD, A 4th TOUR. Which, unfortunately, would leave me with NO TIME to rehearse and arrive, pretty much, in time to go on stage!

Well, I exaggerate a bit . . . Jenny Green, the facilitator, did move showtime to 9 p.m. Nevertheless, Clint, my scene partner, was at the Source and without me to rehearse. It was out-of-hand. I texted Jenee a few times, telling her to send my apologies. At 6:15 p.m. or so, just returning from this 4th tour, exhausted, without lunch or dinner (at least, a proper one) and needing to pee again. Jenny called my voicemail and said it was imperative I get to the theatre.

Alas, nothing I could do, but jump on a subway and go to the Source with no dinner (tour was over) — no bathroom break. As I arrived, tired, hungry and dancing the pee dance — Eric came to me at the door, with Clint and said, “Okay, if you don’t have your lines . . . “

Before he could finish, I interrupted, “No, I have my lines! That’s not an issue!”

Both he and Clint had this look of relief . . . I had gone over the lines in my head the whole way there, on the subway, and throughout the day, when I could. Memorizing lines is not my issue, that’s for sure!

I did get a pee break and a chance to quickly relax, then we went up into the theatre to do our only rehearsal. Again, lucky, the show was moved to 9:00 p.m. Nevertheless, after that, I never left the theatre. Eric went to subway, at one point and bought me a sandwich and brought me a soda.

I was exhausted . . . and Amos didn’t even arrive until after me. Poor Clint was a mess. It, apparently, had been some months (years?) since he’s been on stage. He had been working alone all day. Although, really, he was good. I wasn’t worried. And being an old veteran of Spontaneous Combustion — called myself “The Spontaneous Combustion Whore” — I reminded the newbies, this is something we can wing. It’s supposed to be a bit spontaneous, may I say!

So, it did work and although, it was a little audience (mostly of friends and former Spontaneous Combustion volunteers & our writers) — the show went off; yes, with glitches, but just made it funnier. Actually, our scenes, were excellent, considering.

By the time it was over, my 2nd wind was dissipating and I felt like a rag doll. Too tired to think straight and my words began to slur. I realized I woke up at 5:30 a.m. (for work and rehearsing on my own) . . . and actually, on the way to the theatre (after work) . . . I was cursing myself for acting in this. The timing was awful, I should’ve written (but we had too many writers)!

Anyway, Clint, Joe Tom and I went to the diner after the show . . . to calm the nerves. I was floating a bit (dizzy, slurring words due to tiredness). Luckily, Friday I could sleep in and not have to be at the theatre until 6 p.m. Clint and I agreed to meet at 6 p.m.

Happy Opening Night! We survived!

Love, Light & Laughter

Angela Theresa 


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