Day Thirty-Three (33): Some Rest For The Wicked College Student

Day Thirty-Three (33): Friday, April 2nd, 2010

33) Follow The Six Basic Steps of Manifesting

An understanding of the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction is the foundation upon which to build your house of dreams. To get started with the work of bringing into your life experience the various circumstances and things that your desire, read and follow the following list of steps. Each is simple and easy to do whenever you have a quiet moment during the day.

1) Clear the clutter, confusion, and negativity from your mind.

2) Set forth the intention to manifest something. Make a mental declaration of your intent.

3) Be expectant. Be ready to receive. Believe that you deserve it, and it is already yours.

4) Visualize yourself having it.

5) Feel and express gratitude for the blessings you already have, the gifts of the universe that the higher power makes available to you, and for the power that makes possible each manifestation.

6) Repeat these steps often each day.

Hmm, good advice . . .do I follow it? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Well, the clutter thing is rough for me. Disorganization and my inability to throw things away.

It was good to sleep today . . . by the time I went to sleep (this morning), I had been awake about twenty-three hours! Not fun.

Today at home . . . I talked to everyone at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh; my classes begin on Monday. I am considered a part-time student. My schedule is hellish this week, so I really haven’t had time to check out the on-line Campus Common. Monday, probably.

I also chatted with the financial officer . . . about my grants and some loans. So, Ms. Busy As Hell, is busier than ever!

This time, made it to the theatre on time, though! Jenny actually called us at 6 p.m. and the show for 8:00 p.m. this time.

Admittedly, there was a lack of energy in the show tonight . . . I would say. Although, once on stage it was fine. The audience were not very active — if they laughed, they did it quietly or barely. Maybe it was the energy, not sure, really.

Now, when I was in the dressing room (as our scenes are near the end), I had my phone on silent. Tim called me and left a voice mail . . . he called me into work for tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. I do need and want the money.

Because of my work schedule . . . I went with the boys, Clint & Joe, over to a bar on 8th Street. Mozz was there and according to Jenny “waiting for all of us”. I hung out with Mozz and his friend, Megan at the far edge of the bar and did a reading for Megan (a short one). Then the three of us went to the back with the Spontaneous Combustion group at a large table.

Ended up doing a quick reading for ‘Angela’ who is Amos’s girlfriend.

With Mozz and Megan, we all left for subways relatively early; considering I had to get up early for work. I did get some rest today and back to work in the morning.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



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