Day Thirty-One (31): Scripts, Personalities & Rehearsing

Day Thirty-One (31): Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31) Accentuate The Positive

Our thoughts can lift us to joyful heights or cause us to sink in the depths of despair. When we are thinking positively, we bring or attract positive situations and people. But when we are focused on the negative aspects  of our life, we attract more negativity. Our thoughts are often charged with positive or negative emotion and are rarely neutral.

If you want more goodness in your life, be good and be grateful. Feel joy and peace and happiness. Spread it out into the universe as your gift to others. Keep your mind clean from clutter, worry, and fear. Don’t give mental energy to negative thinking. Just leg it go. Focus on the positive to draw more of that into your life.

Oh, it was rough today . . . weather was better; although, still a bit chilly. Had three or four tours today; I lose track, though. Last night, in email I received one of my two scripts and printed it. Ed Malin’s, I think. Luckily, I only have four lines.

After work, though, I was off for the theatre to pick up my second script. I found it very hard to understand . . . at least, initially. Then, when we had the read-thru; well, Clint is really funny! And it was truly hilarious and made much more sense, actually.

We made tentative plans to rehearse and do a full tech run-thru tomorrow around 5:00 p.m. But, with my schedule of tours and even better weather due tomorrow — I made no promises.

Once I got home . . . I went through the memorizing about once or twice. I was so tired and planned wake up a half an hour early to work on memorizing it even more. We open tomorrow night!!! So, I’d better!

My characters, as usual, are a little quirky . . . I sort of asked for it!

In Ed Malin’s short play, titled DEATH PERCEPTION, I’m a strange wife who keeps bringing out wine and I’m killed by a light saber. I get up and shoot my husband (Amos) and the tv announcer (Clint).

In Eric Holmes short play, titled  MAKING GALE, Clint is my husband who thinks he’s boring; wears make-shift capes and kills butterflies. I’m his “one-dimensional” wife who had all her ‘baby-making’ parts removed.

You see what I mean . . . bizarre, right?


Love, Light & Laughter . . . 

Angela Theresa 


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