Day Thirty-Four (34): Spontaneous Combustion #40 Ends . . .

Day ThirtyFour (34): Saturday, April 3, 2010

34) Think Of the Six Steps As Exercise

You can ramp up the energy of your thought, turning it into a high-energy idea or concept, just as you can build muscle in your body. It just takes practice and frequent repetition of the six basic steps. There are many other things you can do as well to intensify the energy about your intention.

Even if you skip a day or two of focused thinking about your intention to manifest your desire, your desire is still there. Over time the thought energy around your intention may weaken, but if the desire is still strong, the object, situation, or relationship can still come into your life experience but simply may take longer to manifest.

Another closing . . .

Of course, Spontaneous Combustion is always quick. Do we bond? Hmmm, we can . . .and I knew quite a few of the people in it, anyway!

Nevertheless, I didn’t get a lot of rest: As I stated, I had to be at 50th Street/8th Avenue at 10:00 a.m. to be a Tour Guide, as I am! This time, I got to see my boss, Tim, more regularly until I went on tour. Some people think he’s too gruff. And it is true, he doesn’t smile a lot. But, his job is very stressful.

Certainly, I was more certain of my lines and our scenes; so no panic, this time. I did make it clear to Tim I had a show tonight, though; and too late a tour would be bad. Of course, wouldn’t you know it! On my third, and final tour — Troop sent me to Battery Park; and put me with the slowest driver in our company! Don’t get me wrong — slow, usually, is 100% better than our speed demon drivers; because I have bruises on my knees, hands and other parts that ram the bus seats from those kamikaze drivers.

 This time, though, I nearly begged the driver to speed up. He would approach green lights so fuckin’ slow, I wanted to hit the fuel and over-ride the slow poke! My God, I had a show to get too and I didn’t need a four-hour last tour. The West Side Highway was packed.

We arrive at Battery Park and there’s already another empty bus. So, they send me and the slow poke to SoHo. I get so frustrated with his slow ass driving, I make him turn just above Canal Street and skip SoHo. I swear . . . it was going to be another Thursday night. 

I regretted the joke I made to Clint last night . . . “I’ll see you at 8:05 p.m. for the show!” Because now, my words had created my reality. I truly was chanting “I should have been a writer this time . . . I should have been a writer this time . . .” and cursing the only slow and courteous driver this side of Boston! Any other day, I’d be appreciative of such a safe driver. This time, no, I wanted and needed speed.

We finished the whole tour at 6 p.m. ish . . . leaving me a half an hour for food; which was fine. Great crowd this last tour and pretty good tips. Still, good to talk to and interested in the tour. I enjoy tourists who actually listen to my tour! And especially the one’s who laugh at my jokes.

I get nice compliments, too . . . that my tour is so “informative” and “good”. Which is wonderful to hear. Now, if only, they would leave their appreciation in $10 and $20 bills! I did have one the other day do that! I make a joke, well, not so much a joke in front of Trinity Church.

“Alexander Hamilton is buried here. His face is on our $10.00 bill in America. His is my favorite picture to see in my tip jar!”

I’m quick to add that I don’t usually see $10.00 bills . . . most of the tips are $1.00 bills and such. “But, I like to see $10.00 bills!” Thus, either Wednesday or Thursday, a woman handed me a $10.00 and said, “Here is your picture of Alexander Hamilton; we both thank you!”

Energy was better today . . . as we approached our last performance.

Since I was told I definitely had tomorrow off — Benjamin had sent the cast the idea of a cast party of at a karaoke place. Nevertheless, the place charges about $3.00 a song; which is much too high for most theatre type people. Particularly with us volunteering to act at MTS.

Many of us, though, ended up at Johnny Rocket’s (8th Street) for milkshakes. One of our wonderful playwrights, John McLaughlin, treated us to our celebration there! He’s a great guy and his talented son, Jack. Unless I have that backwards?

After a long stay at Johnny Rocket’s; Clint, Joe and two of their friends and I went to Washington Square Diner. Being the only female, again . . . I had to joke about running around with my all-male entourage. What’s new?!

Clint, Joe and I ended up on #6 train . . . me to Grand Central and to the #7 train. I got off at 74th Street/Roosevelt and took a car service home. As Joe asked, I dropped him a message on Facebook — I made it home safely.

My friend, Mozz, can now be round here . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa




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