Day Thirty (30): Wet, Theatre & Spontaneous Combustion

Day Thirty (30): Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30) The Power to Attract and Repel

Have you ever met people who were so self-focused that they seemed to derive pleasure from dwelling on all the things that were going wrong in their life? They couldn’t seem to quit talking about their woes. Perhaps you wondered what was wrong with that person that his or her life was so out of control and beset with one crisis after another and enough problems to last several lifetimes. Their outer life may simply be a reflection of their interior world. Knowingly or unwittingly, that person is attracting more of what he or she is thinking about most. And most likely, he or she is dwelling on everything that could go wrong or get worse.

It was, weather-wise, the worst day to be a Tour Guide!

The rain was unending . . . and even though all the buses I was on was covered; really, it just seeped through! I felt like a wet rag all freakin’ day!

Luckily, I was off after my 2nd tour and was able to go home, take a shower, get dry (finally!) and get over to Manhattan Theatre Source.

Spontaneous Combustion #40. Also, with plans to take the information for Bill Kozy to write for this one . . . by proxy . . .me.

It was a new group and I was fully responsible for three new people: Joe Tom Collins, Laura Michelle Cleary and Joe’s buddy, Clint Irwin! Jenee Bandler and Benjamin Sulds was there, too. Arghh!

A weird twist of fate . . . but we had more writer’s than actors! Maybe it was the rain . . .or Passover . . . or whatever. Thus, even though I had Bill on the phone. Jenny Green, our manager, told me, after all the names were taken; and all of us were doing two scenes — Bill would not be participating as it was not needed.

I texted Bill the disappointed news . . . he thought it was a joke, at first; and was none too happy. I, too, felt terrible. We had it all set up and it was a year ago that Bill first did Spontaneous Combustion and we met. It would’ve been fun to say we worked together, sort of — one year later.

I was paired, in both scene’s with Joe Tom’s friend, Clint Irwin. A highly energetic man, an Aries, who looks like Trotsky! LOL! He really does . . . ! Sweet guy and like me, I’m an Aries rising; very, very full of energy and maybe a dose of insanity. Figured our scene(s) will be interesting.

Our writer’s . . . Ed Malin and a new guy named, Eric Holmes. Interesting! Both “E” names. Hmmmm. And we added an actor, who came in late, to Ed’s piece. Amos . . .

I met with Eric, as he didn’t know me well. Clint met with Ed. Christine had come in, too, to meet me for dinner. So, after sorting it all out . . . Christine and I went to the new BBQ across from the theatre and chatted for a long while.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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