Day Twenty-Eight (28): Deadlines, Procrastination & Stress

Day Twenty-Eight (28): Sunday, March 28, 2010

28) The Polarity Of Thought Energy

Your thought energy flows either inward or outward. If it is stationary, meaning not flowing in either direction, then it lacks any energy to carry your intention inward or outward. Intention, or your desire for something, requires energy and polarity to manifest that desire. If you need healing from a chronic illness or seek spiritual unfolding, you will focus your thought energy or polarity inward, whereas, if you desire a new house or car, you’ll focus the polarity outward. Another way to think of it is that when the energy is polarized outward, you become engaged in some action–you create or do something. When the polarity is turned inward, you acquire or become the recipient of something.

Some Law of Attraction teachers have explained the outward and inward polarities of thought energy as follows: outward polarity requires an action of giving something to the universe; inward polarity requires a receptive state in which you receive something from the universe. Understanding the concept is vital to putting the Law of Attraction into work in a deliberate way in your life.

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

Well, I meant to finish up some things I had to do  . . .  previous year income taxes, application for college. Did I do it? No, not really!!!

What did I do . . . ? I totally went Broadway, in a way! I did Richard’s Simmons BROADWAY SWEAT and it was incredible. I had so much energy!!!

I was supposed to go to a show tonight … but, really, it was a lazy Sunday; when I really should-be been doing work, but didn’t.

Must write more . . . do more . . . soon. Sorry for the weak update.

Love, Light & Laughter . . . 

Angela Theresa 


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