Day Twenty-Seven (27): Playwrights Unite, World Theatre Day

Day TwentySeven (27): Saturday, March 27, 2010

27) Subtle Energies Influence Healing

Aura healing, chakra healing, reiki (pronounced RAY kee), quantum touch, and no-touch healing are all examples of alternative medicine/belief systems that suggest the vital energy of the body, whether called prana, chi, ki, or life force, can be manipulated. Skeptics classify such healings as faith-healing and say if it works at all it is because of the thoughts of the patient — the placebo effect — that is, the patient believes something is being done to help him feel better, he hope he will, and subsequently he does. Some might say that the placebo effect causes changes in the patient’s neurochemistry (due to his positive thinking that he would be healed) that might, in part, explain the healing he subsequently received.

* World Theatre Day was definitely a day of theatre activity for me!

My first stop was meeting with the SourceWRITERs Production Committee, of which I am on . . . we tried to meet at a little coffee shop on 8th Street, called Gizzi’s; but it is popular and there was no place for four of us to sit. We were missing one member: Nat Cassidy.

The rest of us were there: Laura Schlachtmeyer, Vincent Marano and Jonathan Kravetz.

We discussed doing one to two full production’s a year . . . and working with the Source to have some “Playground Productions” for some of our in-house playwrights, so to speak. With twenty-seven (27) members and only two shows a year; well, that means a long wait for production through our group, at least.

Vinny said something funny . . . he was talking about 2012 and said “unless the Mayan’s are right” . . . just for reference, they’re not! Well, I mean, my opinion is similar to Sylvia Browne. The Mayans stopped writing about the future around December 2012 because they ran out of ink! Or, perhaps, they had to run away from a predator; or get dinner, etc.

Anyway, to note, as a psychic . . . no, the world will not end in December 2012. We will be hanging and talking on January 1st, 2013. I know, for many reasons: One, more than one psychic (three now), without me saying it to them, have predicted I will live to 110-years-old. So, that will be in 2073. We have time! Secondly, the other changes, etc., people want to predict — more acceptance of psychic gifts, reuniting with non-incarnated soul mates — partially, the first part is already happening and will continue through 2011, 2012 etc, etc. As for reunification of soul mates; when you go to the Other Side, you will. And of course, we have many soul mates here on earth, we reunite often!

After the meeting, a brief conversation with Vinny about a “teen performing group” which he and I will start at the Source — I went off to my favorite dinner at BBQ.

After my lone dinner, I decided to go to my other old theatre 13th Street Repertory and see the proprietor, 93-year-old Edith O’Hara!

Edith is doing great . . . and was right in the lobby when I came in. We chatted awhile and then she invited me to see the current production: Another Man’s Sling-Back’s. I took her up on the offer; although, I should’ve really gone home and worked-out and taken care of some past due taxes!

Nevertheless, I stayed and watched this fabulous show (it has another week — go see it)! It is being turned into a musical. The composer works for Disney, thus, it will just be more fabulous!

After the show, I spoke with Sandra Nordgren (Edith’s General Manager) about programs, such as what we do at 13th Street; including Spontaneous Combustion.

It was a good night of theatre!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



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