Day Twenty-Four (24): West Way Diner, Broadway & John Lithgow

Day Twenty-Four (24): Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

24) Shakti: Psychic Energy Lingers

In India, modern spiritual seekers make pilgrimages to the sacred places associated with holy ones of the past because the Shakti (divine energy or holy psychic energy) of those beings remains in the places where those saints had prayed, meditated, and  became enlightened. Many modern spiritual seekers further believe that the energy stored in the sacred placed energetically charged by the holy ones of the past has a beneficial effect on their spiritual efforts to attain enlightenment. Contact with the shakti of enlightened beings, although those saints no longer live in human form, could awaken the Kundalini Shakti, the innate and essential divine energy that leads human consciousness to union with God (or Absolute divine consciousness) as the energy makes its ascent from the base of the spine to the energy center located on top of the head. The modern seekers’ thought, magnetized by their spiritual desire for enlightenment, could manifest their desire (making their thought become the thing they most ardently seek and desire).

 Some pretty wonderful things happened today!

* On one of my four tours . . . and working an 8 1/2 hour day: I had a great group on the 2nd tour and they left $58.00 in tips!

>> Of course, had to split it with the driver . . . but hey, since most of the tips have been about $5.00 and only $2.50 for the driver and for me; it was really cool to get $29.00 on one trip!

After this long, long day … and wow, still tired as hell. I went to WestWay Diner. I texted Christine (no answer) and then I texted Eileen; didn’t want to eat alone. Christine called on Eileen’s phone . . . invited me to her place in Washington Heights. But, really, I was too tired. Then, I texted Erica and she called back and came to join me.

When Erica arrived she decided not to order and after we talked awhile . . . we left.

Walking up 43rd Street there was a very tall, thin man in a black suit walking. As we crossed a parking lot, a horn beeped; The guy in the car yells out to the thin guy, “Hey John! I love your work.”

The tall, thin guys turned toward the guy, and gave Erica & I a side view of him. And I saw it was John Lithgow! Erica sort of jabbed me and said, “You know who that is!”

Oh, and John was so charming and nice and said, “Thank you!” to the guy.

Of course! John Lithgow! I saw him at the Drama Desk Awards.”

Erica pointed out that John is doing a show at the theatre just ahead of us. And yes, he turned off and entered the theatre.

Also, today, I thought of my other celebrity friend . . . Jamie Donnelly! She was or is in New York coaching her client, Tony Shaloub; and he’s in a Broadway show.

Unfortunately, Jamie took ill and was in bed for a few days. I had called her and got her machine. Her daughter, on facebook, told me she was resting and was going to be fine.

Jamie was heading back to Los Angeles, according to her daughter . . . so, I missed seeing her this time! I was sort of hoping for free Broadway tickets and backstage passes! Next time!

Speaking of which, my friend, Anthony Azizi, will be doing a show at Lincoln Center, April 25th — and I will definitely get a free ticket and backstage.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



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