Day Twenty-Five (25): Touring, Cosmic Diner & Babysitting

Day Twenty-Five (25): Thursday, March 25, 2010

25) Prana: The Life Force Is Everywhere

Pranic energy represents a kind of bridge between thoughts becoming or manifesting as things. In ancient Hindu writings, the body’s vital airs or energies were referred to as prana. Pranic energy permeates all things, including the human mind (and, thus, thought), according to the Hindu sacred scriptures known as the Upanishads. Those sacred writings associated prana, which means “breath” in Sanskrit, with vitality and expressed the idea that a person’s prana survives throughout eternity or until a being’s soul once again reincarnates. Prana, often mistakenly thought of as breath, is more correctly understood as a life-sustaining force. Prana underlies and sustains the universe, according to Hindu belief. Prana, therefore, is found in thoughts and also material objects. The pranic energy of one human, for example, directed toward another person or object can trigger a response, reaction, or change. Even an energized or magnetized thought can instantly or eventually become the thing that the psychic energy of the creative mind conceives, giving rise to the New Age idea that “thoughts are things.”

Still having some chilly weather . . . but, certainly, not like winter. As I have noted . . .most of our busses are still covered with the plastic top. I suspect that will change soon.

So, today, my boss … who is off on Tuesday and Wednesday … called me to the office my third tour. He actually called me on the tour at the United Nations. So, when I saw him, he just wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing a “City Sights” jacket! I told him because I was never issued one!

Of course, I started in late March last year and it was summer weather. Anyway, Tim, the boss, told me to see him on Monday . . . and then sent me on a fourth tour!!! Long day. This time nine straight hours! Wow!

After work, and my throat did hurt after a fourth tour this time; actually it hurt during the third one . . . I went over to my old haunt “The Cosmic Diner” on 53rd Street/8th Avenue. Sitting there, the guys beside me were talking about family things and I overheard.

He mentioned a website where one can sign up to babysit, dog/cat sit and/or house/apartment sit! I can advertise my services. Thus, the Universe sent me yet another option to make money FREELANCE!

The Universe listens to you . . . so, be sure to take note! Thank you, Universe, I truly appreciate it!

I did talk to a couple of friends tonight and tried to catch up on my blog here . . .many days behind. Yet, once again, so tired I had to go to sleep.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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