Day Twenty-Two (22): Theatre, Melatonin & Restless Leg Syndrome

Day Twenty-Two (22): Monday, March 22nd, 2010

22) Your Thoughts Are Things

Some people believe that our lives express our interior worlds, or what we think about. You have undoubtedly heard the saying that “thoughts are things.” In fact, in hinduism, nothing exists apart from the Divine because it permeates all things.

Certain psychics, mediums, and empathic people possess a heightened sense of the electromagnetic energy that is retained in objects, haunted houses, sacred places, crime scenes, and the like. Psychic energy live on in those objects and places.

Even as doctors work in integrative medicine (using both western and eastern medical knowledge) and high performance sports experts counsel their athletes about intrinsic mind/body connection, scientific research continues on the subject of thoughts as energy.

As I do most Monday’s … hung around the apartment all day and then went to MTS for my volunteer hours.

Lauren and Jenny were there, as is expected. There was a show going on, so, I thought I would be able to skip out early; but it was not to be. And I am feeling the stress of starting work again, early in the morning tomorrow. My schedule is still very odd. I bought some melatonin at Duane Reade and hopefully it will do its job . . . and help me sleep at a good hour.

Unfortunately, when I got home it was late . . . for the hours I need. And I wanted to get my stuff together for tomorrow. And then, my usual late night phone calls! Everyone is used to me being up until the wee hours and began to phone! Not that I mind, usually. Still, with a new work schedule; it will really hit me tomorrow.

I took the melatonin, and still didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 a.m., leaving me about four and a half or five hours of sleep. I require, from what I can tell . . . seven hours to feel “normal”. Okay, as normal as I can feel.

Considering that I am a week behind, almost . . . I’ll just note that those four or so hours of sleep, even with melatonin, were rough. I had terrible problems with my legs and bad dreams when I did sleep!

More coming later . . .as I catch up the days!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .



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