Day Twenty-Three (23): Tourists, Times Square & Downtown

Day Twenty-Three (23): Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23) Thoughts Can Be Felt

Energy of one type can change or be converted into a different type. Although invisible to the naked eye, energy may be perceived and felt. It’s been said that “you can’t fool kids or dogs” because they have a natural ability to sense whether someone’s energy and intention toward them is good or bad. Kids and dogs may be able to detect more readily than others the feelings or mood of another that is being generated by thought.

Had a helluva time sleeping last night . . . I had to wake up at the time I usually go to sleep; or, at least, close to the time. Suffered so much restless leg syndrome (RLS), even with the melatonin.

It was actually kind of nice … to be back to tours; it was not too stressful of day today. Except it was raining! And I really do not like being wet. Although, most of the busses still have winter covers.

And of course . . . 

All my tours were downtown, which I prefer. Too tired to do my blog here and have fallen behind. More soon . . . 

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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