Twitter: My Celebrity Friends . . .

I just wanted to share some wonderful messages, on Twitter (AngelAura28); where I follow many celebrities I admire and/or have met and admired, etc.

Many of them have gone far beyond what they need to . . . thus, I truly appreciate them for doing it. They have made my day, week, year just by responding. I will send them blog and hopefully, they’ll read.

FROM KIRSTIE ALLEY: 1:33 AM Jun 18th, 2009 via web in reply to foadcastro: @kirstiealley :  @foadcastro @AngelAura28 @Orthodoxyelizab @chidiana I love yu so much…don’t tell anyone else

The story: Kirstie was up late and just wanted to chat. We four entertained her with jokes and such. It was so cool that she wrote us back!

Open note to Kirstie Alley: Sorry, now I’m telling lots of people! Really, though, love ya’ back and you are so cool for tweeting us back like that!

I love you and your journey . . . as I, too, am going through it. I was fit/trim until I was 33-years-old and have had weight issues since then.


FROM MELANIE LYNSKEY: @melanielynskey@AngelAura28: 12:16 AM Dec 23rd, 2009 via web in reply to AngelAura28you are lovely, thanks for kind words. George wear no makeup by the way. it’s kind of depressing 🙂

The story: I tweeted Melanie about how much I admire her talent; and I saw the film Up In The Air and how lucky she was to be able to hug George Clooney! Melanie and I had a couple of other tweets back and forth regarding the loss of Brittany Murphy — but they are personal.

Open note to Melanie LynskeyThank you, I truly appreciate you taking time to directly answer me and/or chat with me. You really are a talented and truly kind person. I wish you much success in your career and life, always. You deserve all the great things life offers!


FROM NIA VARDALOS @NiaVardalos: 1:46 PM Jan 8th via web — If u sent to PMK address, ok, but here’s new info if u want Connie & Carla CD: TSC, Avenue Of The Stars, LA [removed address as it is old post]

The story: I tweeted Nia about how much I love Connie & Carla. The sweetheart wrote back and offered me the CD of the soundtrack! Law of Attraction in Action! Ask and It Is Given. Of course, this was a surprise. I didn’t expect anything but to share my appreciation with Nia about how much I love her work . . . and always will!

Open note to Nia VardalosThank you, I do love the soundtrack (she sent me) from Connie & Carla. And love reading your tweets. I also am a big fan of your work, including the fact you an advocate of foster/adopt! In fact, you are living all my dreams . . . which, in turn, inspires me to know I will accomplish mine, as well! Love ya’ bunches for the inspiration by example.


FROM KELSEY GRAMMER: @Kelsey_Grammer: 10:23 PM Feb 27th via web — @AngelAura28 great

The story: I tweeted Kelsey about how I mention him on my Uptown tours [many of you know, I’m a City Sights NYC Tour Guide], when we pass his school: Julliard!

Open note to Kelsey GrammerThank you for replying . . . and for re-tweeting my tweet about me being an actor! Not sure why you re-tweeted it, but I feel great, too . . . that you acknowledged and read my words to you!

Here’s the RE-TWEET:  

@Kelsey_Grammer: Actor here, too. American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA 1985). NYC Tour Guide until Broadway calls! 😉 10:36 PM Feb 27th via web in reply to Kelsey_Grammer Retweeted by 1 person


FROM PATRICK LABYORTEAUX: @PLabyorteaux :  RT @AngelAura28: @PLabyorteaux: I miss Michael Landon. Never met him-he was on my tv every wk. He was awesome!


Open note to Patrick LabyorteauxPatrick, thank you for commenting [his comment is in red] on my tweet about how much I miss Michael Landon. A man I loved and never met in person! I am honored to have been able to share with you, his friend, what he meant to me . . .  a fan. And, okay, I’ll admit it now. When you were on the show, I had a little crush on you! Great to see you on twitter!


Also, I would like to note . . . it all started with @JohnLarroquette for me:

He was tweeting that he was going on the Craig Ferguson Late Late Night Show . . . and if we had any questions. Well, I asked him if he was single and would he date a red-headed New Yorker! I thought the questions were for John to answer about himself on the show.

@JohnLarroquette tweeted me back and said he had been married for 30 years . . . but, if not, of course (he’d consider a red-headed NY woman)! LOL!

Open note to John LarroquetteYou really made my year with that comment! And you’re wife is a lucky woman and you’re a lucky guy! Keep up the good work. You’re really cool and very talented and hot!


And let’s not forget my friends . . .who are celebrities to me!

We’re blogging in tandem, to some degree. And Lisa was lucky enough to have met Brittany Murphy. Check out her blog to read the story and how they connected.

My friend, Mozz . . . who is recovering now from a mugging. My light and prayers to you, sweety!






And my real life “celebrity friend”  . . . whom I met in 1996 at a little theatre here in New York. You have now seen him on shows such as Lost, 24, Criminal Minds and he was a regular in two tv series; Threat Matrix and Commander In Chief: Anthony Azizi. He has also been seen in films such as McHale’s Navy, Eagle Eye and Three Kings and a great film, which never found a distributor, but is on DVD now . . . AMERICAN EAST starring Tony Shaloub and Anthony Azizi.

Really, rent the film AMERICAN EAST and soon I’ll tell you all about Anthony’s journey as part of my course!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa Collins
My Acting Website

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