Day Twenty (20): Diners, Rocky Horror & Tim Curry

Day Twenty (20): Saturday, March 20, 2010

20) Matter and Energy

Atoms are the building blocks of matter while energy has been called the workhorse of creation. From grade-school science, you may have learned that energy of the universe can change from one form to another, seem to disappear, move about, or remain available s potential energy. You probably also learned about the two main categories of energy–kinetic, or energy in motion, and potential, or energy that is stored or in position to be released. Both energy types have relevance to the Law of Attraction.

I did dance my pants off, so to speak today . . . with my Richard Simmon’s video “Dance Your Pants Off“. I really enjoy that one. Still not exactly content with my very, very slow weight loss. My scale doesn’t read too different. Some mornings, before eating and such, it’s reflects a change; yet, for three or four weeks or more, I don’t seem to budge enough to constitute weight loss. It will take me two years to lose what takes most people a few months at this rate!

I shouldn’t affirm that, though.

Weight comes off of me easily and effortlessly!

Tonight, there was a get-together for Suzanne Jacobs . . . a long, longtime Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. She’s been in the audience of the show since the late 1970s with her best buddy, Michelle Rehfeld. And, like me, we are all huge Tim Curry fans. Michelle and Suzanne had the honor, pleasure and orgasmic experience of meeting Tim years before me; seeing him on Broadway (in Amadeus) many times and in concert. All before I arrived here in NYC and/or didn’t know Tim Curry from Tom Jones! LOL!

Lucky girls, indeed!

It was, or is Suzanne’s birthday, this week (month) and Michelle planned this surprise gathering; she also made a lovely scrapbook . . . of which I am sharing my page with you here.

The group at Chelsea Square Diner on 23rd Street and 9th Avenue was: Suzanne Jacobs, Michelle Rehfeld, Seth “Moishe Pipik” Bogdanove, Marc Levine, Phil Dejean, Andrew Martin, Carol Rubin and Judy Warren.

I arrived early enough . . . Seth and Phil were putting the cover on the cake. A special made photographic copy of all our photos on an edible version to place on the cake. Amazing what they can do these days!

Slowly but surely all arrived and we had dinner and lots and lots of chat!

I had the most interesting conversation with Marc and Seth regarding, of all things, creation and God . . . the true nature of God, at least.

Afterwards, some of the group was attending the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show; I just couldn’t see spending the $ on a movie I’ve seen so many times. And to stay out so late. I did walk over to the theatre until Suzanne and Michelle went into the film.

Later, walking out, I ran into Phil and Judy . . . Judy also lives in Jackson Heights, like me. Judy and I had an adventure together as we tried to figure out which trains were actually running! The MTA is so together . . .she said sarcastically.

We finally ended up on a #7 Train, which was perfect . . . as it goes to both our stops!

On are adventure and ride home . . . we did psychic readings on one another. Judy is very intuitive . . . and artist first, but definitely, intuitive. She really picked up on my story . . . raised with a cousin and how my mother feels like she was responsible for him . . .the custody battle for Fredy’s daughter. It was good! Unfortunately, it was time for her to get off the train before she gave me any future events!

I predicted for her that she’d have a child in the next year or year an a half . . .

It was a pleasant evening . . .

I have mixed feelings of returning to work on Tuesday. I enjoy being an NYC Tour Guide, nevertheless, it can be rough on top of busses in weather. We are there, rain or shine! I really need to get back to office work or, as I wish . . . an advance to write a book and a role in a Broadway show!

That’s where I want to make my income . . . from my spiritual work and my acting/singing/writing work! Full-time and lots of income from it! I really do like making, for the most part, my own hours. And freelance work is ideal for my personality type.

Alas, I must allow more . . . right?!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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