Day Nineteen (19): Tarot, Theatre & Muggings

Day Nineteen (19): Friday, March 19, 2010

19) Calm Your Restless Thoughts

To deliberately utilize the Law of Attraction, it’s important to understand how the mind works and then train it as your tool. If you have practiced meditation, you’ve experienced the mind’s restless nature. Thoughts keep jumping around because of word associations, direct linkage, or internal and external stimuli. Learn to train your mind to stay on topic. Contemplate all things related to the object or circumstance that you seek to manifest. Wrap your thoughts around your desire, sharpen your focus, and feel expectant to draw the desired object to you.


Late last evening/early this morning: My dear friend was mugged and received some injuries. His phone and a bag with three of his scripts was also taken. It happened in New Jersey. Thus, if anyone finds these scripts, well . . .hey, contact him. My friend is doing all right and will be recovering from a fractured rib and sprain jaw for a time.

So, tonight . . . strangely, here was my evening:

A couple of weeks ago, my friend at the Source (MTS – Manhattan Theatre Source) invited me to “read tarot cards” at a theatre party on the Upper East Side. My friend, Mike Hill . . . a handsome young man! I did just that this evening.

I missed the show at the Bohemian National Hall yet, was on time for The Rudolf II Costume Ball/Benefit; where I was to read tarot cards.

I did just that at a table they set up for me. The first person I read for was a young man, then his girlfriend … a very drunk young woman named Johanna; then her mother. The tarot cards were very good tonight and picked up a lot. I didn’t have my business cards with me and a donation cup. Johanna left me the most money! $20.00 or more.

For the night, since I arrived with about $8.00 left in my purse and only $20.00 in my bank; I gained another $26.00 dollars. It’s strange, with my Law of Attraction I find myself this close too broke.

And a reminder: Never say “I’m poor”! Poor is a state of being . . . a way of life. “Broke” is temporary. It’s best to never acknowledge lack, though; whenever possible.

Statements such as, “I can afford that . . . I just choose not to buy it today,” are always better than acknowledging actual lack.

Mike nor the direct, Edward, didn’t get a reading, nor have time . . . I promised to do a reading after the show for Mike. Then, as I made friends with a great lady named Sherry; and was chatting with her and Mike. I went to the ladies room and Mike was gone; when I came back.

So, I began my walk back to the subway. I was at 72nd Street/3rd Avenue area, NYC and walked to 63rd St & Lexington for the F-Train. I had taken a bus from 63rd St to get to 72nd. Yet, it was a beautiful night and I felt like walking the Upper East Side.

I had incredible feelings for the most part . . .

Except when I first began my walk . . . I thought of my friend Mozz. I saw a young man who looked just like his friend, Armistead. Then, since I had on my iPod music, I felt I should pay attention as I had heard there had been several muggings on the UES in the past months. Interestingly, and sadly, Mozz was being mugged in New Jersey when I thought these things.

Consciously, I changed my thoughts to more happy one’s. I felt good! I love this weather . . . it’s perfect! I felt like I was always doing lecture and book tours regarding my metaphysics. I felt loved and in love and imagined and felt, strongly, I already have my life partner. I reveled in the feeling I was going home, our spacious condo, to be with my wonderful, loving husband and family.

With thoughts like these, I felt . . . I’m already there! The manifestation wasn’t even needed . . . I already have it! In my being . . .in my mind’s eye . . . there is joy in this!

I did make a pact with the Universe, nevertheless . . . I do care for a man, currently. A man whom is not free to be with me at this time. Many psychic’s have said he and I will come together.

My pact, though . . . I need a man who contacts me, who is interested in me, too . . . I have contact with this man, yet, it is periodic, at best; it is a friendship and I need more attention. Yes, I have him fully in my thoughts . . . still, I need the manifestation soon.

So, I asked the Universe to release me from the feeling of needing this one particular man . . . IF HE IS NOT THE ONE. And if he is the one, I need DEFINITE DIRECT SIGNS from him. Otherwise, I want to be released from my growing interest, love for him . . . if it is, indeed, love. It has to be mutual, or I do not wish it.

That said, I am happy in my feelings . . . thoughts . . . and prayers. I know I have it, for I feel it in my entire being.

I came home . . . and there was an email. For the first time in a while.

The Universe is really sort of awesome, huh?!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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