Day Seventeen (17): When Irish Eyes Are Smilin’!

Day Seventeen (17): Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17Test the Law of Attraction for Yourself

When you open the space in your life to manifest something, the substance of the universe will fill it, according to Catherine Ponder, author The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. If you are experiencing lack when you seek abundance, look first to your thoughts. Are they positive? Have you unwittingly created any blockages? If so, remove them. Creative a vacuum for what you want. Riches, expensive jewelry, a new house, a hot car, a super healthy body, a new husband or boyfriend, spiritual insights, weight loss, or even a business of your own — you can have whatever you want. That’s the promise of the law when you work deliberately with it.

My plans today was to take a Brooklyn tour . . . to refresh my memory of being a Tour Guide.

Then, I thought, tonight I was going to be a guest on Psychic Tee’s BlogTALK radio show! Thus, I stayed home and was a bit down . . .

For over a week, there was an odd and strong smell in the hallway of our floor of our building. About a week ago, I noted it and thought it was a smell of a dead body. My roommate, Michelle, asked me, only a couple of days ago if I noticed the smell in the hallway (at this point it had been there a week or a little over). I told her, yes, and I thought, maybe the old man across the hall from us has died; and no one, apparently, has checked on him.

Well, I was right! Today, there was note on the door of his apartment from the NYPD and said no trespassing. Odor still very strong, though.

Later, when I came back from shopping and getting a free AIDS test (they were offering them at a clinic on 37th Avenue, in Queens, NY) and they gave away a bunch of free condoms if you agree to take the test. So, I did! Of course, I have no signs of HIV nor AIDS . . .and now a bunch of condoms (six or eight).

Anyway, Abdul was home and told me what he saw this morning.

He said the Super and several police officers, in masks (odor), were coming out the old gentleman’s apartment. I knew then, yes, for sure, he died.

So, no, nothing happy about this day for his family. I do recall seeing the gentleman, he shook a lot and didn’t look healthy to me; I saw him going into his apartment three weeks ago. I remember thinking, as I said “hello” to him . . . it’s the last time I will see him. Michael, my other roommate who has been in Puerto Rico for months — told me, his wife of nearly 50 years, passed away a few years back and the man was alone. Now, he joined his wife again.

I feel bad, though . . . I wish I had, perhaps, told him I would come help him from time to time. I just figured he had someone helping him. On occasion, I did see a young man (grandson), going into and out of that apartment, too. So, I left it at that and enjoyed saying “hello” from time to time. And then, I felt a bit guilty for not calling the Super a week ago when I suggested that the smell was a dead body.

I don’t feel he could’ve been saved, I mean, once the odor was there . . .he had, obviously, passed on. Still, it didn’t have to stay there so long. He was older and just went home.

Other than this sad, sad news . . . and my prediction three weeks ago.

It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect temperature in New York. In the 60s, only needed to wear a sweat shirt over the t-shirt; and even that was a little warm.

I ended up going out, here in Queens . . . it was a wonderful day to walk around!

Of course, tonight, watch the results show of AMERICAN IDOL; which is my guilty pleasure. Well, the show is my guilty pleasure … the results show is a little boring until they announce who is going home.

I had planned on going on tour and didn’t. Nevertheless, I am happy I got to walk around in this beautiful Spring weather!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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