Day Eighteen (18): Downtown NYC, Radio Guest Star & LOA Class

Day Eighteen (18): Thursday, March 18, 2010

18) Dare To Join The Dance of Transformation

Like the Hindu god Shiva Nataraja, who dances the universe into creation and destruction, you can change your destiny by destroying patterns of negative thought and replace them with positive thinking and feeling. Shiva’s dance destroys ignorance and awakens the latent divine force of kundalini, the sacred energy that conveys mortal consciousness to a state of enlightenment. Through your powerful intention and aligned with the Law of Attraction, perhaps you, too, will awaken from the dark slumber of unintentionally attracting what you don’t want to, instead, drawing into your life what you do want. There is enormous power in every moment of every day to change your patterns of thinking, and thus, the potential future karmic ramifications of your thoughts, words, and deeds.

* Today I’d like to start a mini-class here. Based on two courses I created:

The first course, which I created and actually did the classes is an 8-Week Psychic/Medium Development Group. Recently, when offered a chance to teach my techniques in spirituality, Law of Attraction and various rites at the theatre: I re-worked my workshop into a 12-Week Spiritual/Law of Attraction Course . . . specifically aimed toward performing artists: mainly, actors.

There wasn’t enough interest, at this time, via the theatre people (only at this theatre) to start the class now. Nevertheless, I’m sending this out and doing a mini-version here. In order to get the full course, you can contact me, of course, and I will tell you about the price and how the class will happen.

These classes, a 12-Week version, which, after 12-Weeks can continue a more advanced version can be held in person (if you’re in the NYC area), or via email/DVD. Eventually, in fact, soon, these will become a book which you can purchase once I find a publisher.

First, though . . . my lovely day and opportunities are arriving. My LOA does work as it is working for me. I want to give back by offering to teach all of you. The full class does have to be purchased as it leads to my abundance; and the skills I teach will, I guarantee, bring you abundance, too!

* Finally made it out the apartment and on this lovely day . . . ended up at the City Sights job site (where I return on Tuesday, March 23rd): and jumped on a Downtown bus (to see what I remember). The tour guide was new and since, at first, there were no passengers — I helped him and he gave me some new information on a couple of places.

>>  Note: The Hearst Corporation Bldg. was designed by a man named Urban (I knew this) — but, what I didn’t remember, or know . . .Mr. Urban designed stage sets! That is why the Hearst Corporation Bldg. looks like a theatre!!!

I rode all the way Downtown with this bus . . . and checking my email at around 5:00 p.m., I saw a note from Psychic Tee. She was reminding me to call her one hour before radio show time: I am her guest on her BlogTALK Radio Show. Well, the show was earlier than I thought — 6:00 p.m. CST. Seeing as I needed to get back to Queens to do this show; to plug in my cell phone and call her an hour before — well, I had to hurry up and get back.

I got off the tour bus at 1st Avenue and St. Mark’s Place and walked to the R Train. It was a great day to walk around NYC, I might add and I loved being there . . . just strolling down the NYC busy streets. It was heaven!

I got just in time . . . and then we were on the air!!! Before we aired, during our chat, Teresa (Psychic Tee: asked me about being a regular co-host on her show. I am honored! And I saw visions of her and I doing tours, going to Europe . . . every city, etc. From my thoughts to manifestation!

So, folks, look for me to be on the your BlogTALK Radio soon, on a regular basis! I posted a link to my page there! And I do have a show coming up, myself . . . regarding the 12-Week program!

Also, my friends . . . feel free to post your thoughts, questions and such here . . . in the LEAVE COMMENT section! I’d be glad to have you all tell me your experiences, your thoughts and what you’re working on!

The radio show was fun, fun, fun! Teresa and I do get along very well . . . and until the end, near the end, when I dropped my phone and got cut off >> it was a great time for all involved!

Tomorrow, I do want to talk about Yahoo Questions and the things I read there and answer, at times.

Thus, I want to remind myself to talk about our society’s negative trend to overly diagnose and medicate children! And how our children could get the idea that medication (drugs) are the answer to their issues! Even prescription meds!

I will also post the first mini-lesson in my 12-Week Course under its own cover:

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa

P.S. Off to do readings at a party this Friday night!


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