Day Fifteen (15): NYC, Tour Guides & Big Bang Theory

Day Fifteen (15): Monday, March 15, 2010

15) Clear Your Mind

As previously stated, the Law of Attraction is unbiased. Whatever you think about is what is manifested. Careless thinking about negative events and people who just want to exploit others can just as easily draw similar negative experiences and individuals into your life. Most likely you’ll protest and declare that you would never want those things to happen; you would never have deliberately drawn them to you. But when you begin to correlate your thinking with events that have happened or are occurring in your life, you will begin to see how your thoughts influence your life experiences.

If you think you are doing everything correctly to manifest your desire but they haven’t come to you as yet, perhaps you need to clear some clutter and make a space for it, in other words, create a vacuum.

I was interested in writing today and did some . . . be sure to read! The deadline is March 18, 2010.

Re-submitted for my NYC Tour Guide license; which expires March 31, 2010. Hopefully, the new one arrives before the last day. I put myself down as “self-employed” — so, they may not hurry it up.

Later, as I was doing that and cancelled going to MTS for my volunteer hours; I really had to do work here and get some legalities straightened out . . . Erica Hawkins came over.

We watched tv mostly, and I was able to see my favorite Monday night programs. I really need TiVo, or something!

I also found out, from the Source, my class; scheduled for Thursday evening, teaching actors about Law of Attraction and Spiritual gifts to enhance, guide and progress their career had no interest. I was going to charge $10.00 a class for a 12-week program I worked out. Nevertheless, no one from the Source wanted to join in. $10.00 a class was a special “Source Only” price. These sort of workshops go for $50.00 a class.

Thus, I will be offering it up as an NYC Meet-Up Group soon … perhaps, at a discounted price of $20.00 per week. I will have to rent the space at the theatre, since it is not a Source type class.

It was all right, anyhow . . . this Thursday I am a guest on a radio show.

Also, my friends who read this . . . I would love your comments! Right here. Just look at the bottom of each day; see where it reads: LEAVE COMMENT.

Click right on there and drop me a note . . . a thought . . . a question . . . etc., etc.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa



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