Day Thirteen (13): Rainy Day Date w/Richard Simmons

Day Thirteen (13): Saturday, March 13, 2010

13) Kindness Begets Kindness

Thinking good thoughts instead of dark or evil ones is a way of doing good. When you silently bless others, that is a good thing and good is attracted back into your life. You’ve no doubt heard that phrase, “what goes around comes around.” It comes back to magnetic attraction. When you pray and do good deeds (acts of kindness like putting money in expired parking meter where a stranger’s car is parked, your thoughts and actions bear the fruit of goodness. Consider for a moment what kinds of thoughts and feeling, mental images, words, and deeds are you sending out? What is in your life that you don’t like? What would you change? What do you desire?

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

It was better today my weight finally broke a bit to lower than it has been all week. Yet, until it sustains a few days; I cannot trust it.

I had barely any food in the house tonight. And it rained and rained in NYC, thus, I didn’t feel much like going out to shop. Money is a little on the side of testing my law of attraction . . . which means, it’s low. Nevertheless, a friend whom I give free readings all the time is supposed to have sent me a check for a bit of money.

Since I wake up in late afternoon, and go to sleep at the early morning hours . . . it was early evening when I put in my

My Ideal Figure

newly arrive Dance Your Pants Off, Richard Simmons video and did just that. It was fun!!!

Before that, due to not wanting to go out in the rain . . . I ordered out lunch/dinner and had my favorite rotisserie chicken (leg/thigh) and white rice from the Italian/Spanish place near the subway exit of the #7 Train (90th Street/Elmhurst Avenue).

Then, when I thought I would go shopping . . . tv got me addicted: Watch COPS and my favorite, AMERICA’S MOST WANTED. I want to work for them, with my gifts. I have this idea,  just to do it. Go to the website and email my impressions each week. And give them a note, that for any case that is solved by my psychic tips >> if there’s a reward, I would accept it. Otherwise, if my psychic tips solves a missing person case or whatever; I do not require compensation.

i.e. Tonight they had this case about a 15 or 16-year-old girl who disappeared and then was murdered in 1985. A young man was accused and spent many years in jail for the crime. A group that re-investigates cases where there’s DNA and/or a person continues (even after convicted; particularly on circumstantial evidence) to claim their innocence. Well, the DNA proved this man was NOT the guilty party.

It’s the Kim Simon case, out of  Oneida County: A witness, once ignored, said she saw Kim Simon with a group of mostly men who were involved with Satanic cults, etc. out near where her body was found. I was getting immediate pictures from the crime:

A question the police have asked: Another witness saw Kim Simon get in a pick-up truck and it drove off.

Another fact: A jail house informant said that the wrongfully accused man confessed to him. Well, it was later discovered that the informant was one of the five men involved with the Satanic cult.

My pick-ups on the case:

* The driver of the pick-up was either the “jail house” informant, or the “leader” of the Satanic group.

* One of the five (at least, five was mentioned or I have picked this up) is dead, now.

The rest of them, well, two of them now live near-by and I’m feeling one is a minister or high leader in a Christian church.

I am also getting a tie to Tennessee.

Hmmm, I should send this in . . .

Eventually, very late, I braved the rainy weather and went to our 24-hour Associated grocery store for supplies.

Abraham, the Ivory Coast immigrant, who works as security at night . . . once again, asked me out on a date of African food. He wants to buy a car and take me to Harlem for the “date”. I keep telling him, I will ask my boyfriend, if it’s all right.

Abraham is much, much too young for me . . . only 29-years-old or younger (maybe?). He is still living his life as a very young man . . . a bachelor pad (so he tells me) . . . and working at a grocery store as security. Not to sound snobby: I need a more established man, really.

Also, there is not much in common with such a young man and myself. He has no theatre background or strong interests. He does enjoy movies. Otherwise, the many conversation we’ve had is about all the women in our neighborhood, married one’s too, who want him!

That said, every night, I “feel” my life partner holding me and telling me how much he loves me. I tell him, in my mind and flowdreaming, how much I adore him and glad we found one another!

Remember, law of attraction believes what you feel to be true and manifests it!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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