Day Twelve (12): Weight, Closed-Mindedness & Manifesting

Day Twelve (12): Friday, March 12, 2010

12) The Law Is Unbiased

The Law of Attraction does not judge the value or worth of your thoughts. It cares not whether they are harmful or well-intentioned.  Nor does it value whether or not your thought arises from a particular belief system. You may eschew religion and be an atheist or agnostic. Or, you may be deeply religious. Knowledge and practice of a spiritual tradition (or lack of belief) doesn’t concern the working of the law. What matters is how you feel about what you are thinking.

Gratitude plays a role because of how it makes you feel. For example, when you are grateful for having something, you feel good and the thoughts of “having” and the positive feelings of “having” bring more of the same. The law always responds to what you are focusing on in your thoughts and the emotion generated in response to those thoughts, since feeling strengthens the attraction power of thought.

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction

Another day I spent the whole day inside the apartment . . .

* Exercised to my new video . . . Broadway Sweat by Richard Simmons (bought it from Amazon)

>> It’s really cool, but damn, it’s hard! It has real dance steps which I haven’t done in a long time!

I also tried to get people to read my book on BookRix . . . so I can win the contest! It is going well.


A bit peeved . . . despite me being really conscious of my points, etc. I seem to be sustaining and gaining weight! WTF?! I don’t think I can work any harder! Really, I must have a thyroid problem. Why doesn’t my weight shift?! Although, in the past, I would give up now; with no movement on the scale (except freakin’ up)!

Nevertheless, I didn’t . . . I exercised and continue to count my Weight Watchers points (calories).

Affirmation: My weight goes down each and every day, healthily and quickly!


If I haven’t mentioned it . . . I am a Liberal, very, very much so! My sun sign is Libra, so liberal is my middle-name. No one would describe me as anything conventional. Please, I barely even know what a kitchen is for; aside from the refrigerator and the microwave. Cook?! ROTFL! You can call it what you want . . . but if a man wants me to cook, he will enjoy the Emergency Room while I order out.

Am I saying I’d poison him? No! I’m saying, I wouldn’t even eat my cooking! I have exploded eggs (trying to boil them), I’ve evaporated more water than I care to tell you and had to put out a fire or two. A cook, I am not!

Why do I say this . . . well, it is sort of completely a different topic.

But, on-line, I’m part of quite a few fan sites, particularly for my favorite actor: Tim Curry. One of them is There’s a topic about his sexuality. And for the most part, most of us agree, it doesn’t matter what or whom TC sleeps with . . . we enjoy his work.

Now, most of my friends know, due to my views . . . I cannot let things go. If someone says something I disagree with or closed-minded, I react (particularly on-line).

A few weeks ago . . . some “Bible-Thumping Christian” type posted something regarding Mr. Curry’s sexuality . . . with some prejudice shit about hoping he’s not gay because . . . he would go to Hell and/or it’s against the Bible, etc. Then, stating blanket lies that “most of America is Christian” and seeing gay couples “bothers” this person.

I have so many gay friends and so many of us no longer identify with being called “Christian” . . . and not to forget my Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, atheist and Buddhist friends, etc. who are NOT Christians. I cannot stand still and let them speak out like that without telling them what I think of their closed-minded bull!

I reminded this creep that 1) The Bible was written by MEN who wanted control of the people and that God/Source (whatever you want to call the energy of life) is UNCONDITIONAL (meaning NO CONDITIONS). And how come gay couples bother him . . . it’s not like they are doing anything to the closed-minded bastard! He’s probably just jealous.

Anyway, today, he responded to my post with, “You know it’s the truth, Angela, you’re in denial“!

Oh, them are fighting words!!!

So, I told him off in private mail. I DO NOT EVER ALLOW PEOPLE TO PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH, OR MIND!

The point I must make . . . I do not care about anyone’s religious belief or point-of-view, as long as they do not tell me what I know, or SHOULD know or HAVE to know. No, it is not their job to save my soul or change my mind. I know what I feel and believe, and learned by being raised by a Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox. Mom grew up Southern Baptist, became Roman Catholic and when I was 8-years-old, she got tired of being on her knees and became a Congregationalist. I joined her. My father was the 1st Born American to Serbian parents and was always a devout Greek Orthodox (to some degree). Greek Orthodox is double Roman Catholic…twice as much sin!

Then, in my late teens I was a Bible School and Sunday School teacher at the Congregationalist Church. Thus, I’ve done a lot of my own personal research to know what I believe.

All this lead me to Law of Attraction and the truth of free will and metaphysical teachings.


Which, today leads me to you all.

If you have trouble with belief . . . because you’re not quite there . You can make the belief easier and more believable with this great technique.

Let’s say, in my situation . . . I say, “I’m a Broadway singing/acting star!”

And I BELIEVE this with all my heart and soul, I can feel it in every fibre of my being . . . for that is how you manifest in Law of Attraction. You must fully FEEL it is already true. And when you truly believe it, you allow it and it manifests.

If it hasn’t manifested, you are not fully believing it to be possible or true.

And many people in my classes tell me . . .

Well, if you’re a Broadway acting/singing star; what have you been in?”

Then, I say, “I’m on my way to being an actor/singer starring on Broadway!”

That’s the exercise . . . for you , too.

Weight: I’m losing more weight every week! I get trimmer and trimmer each day! I’m on my way to my ultimate weight goal.

Career: I get closer and closer each month to being a full-time, abundant actor/singer/writer!

Thus, think . . .

>> I’m on my way . . .

>> I’m closer and closer . . .

Love, Light & Laughter,

Angela Theresa


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