Day Eleven (11): Flow & New York City

Day Eleven (11): Thursday, March 11, 2010

11) Put Your Mind to Work For You

A debt-free life, new friends, a loving life partner, plenty of money, a new car, or the dream job–whatever the person desires will manifest. When someone decides to accelerate the process and works out a plan to allow for that manifestation, myriad opportunities begin to present themselves.  A person working with the Law of Attraction need only to change his or her mindset and be aware that the opportunities for manifestation of his or her desire will become more commonplace. It is as if the universe is working with you, putting wind in the sail of your dream ship to take you anywhere you want to go and give you the experiences, relationships, money, wealth, and things you most desire.

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

After spending much of my day at the apartment . . . I did manage to exercise!

Then, it was time to do a reading, which a friend paid for, months ago for another friend. Luckily, this friend, was coming along and wanted a reading, too. Thus, I was in the flow today. My other phone reading also sent the PayPal money as planned . . . and plans to return to being an NYC Tour Guide.

Then, there’s the book up on BookRix . . . I’m writing!!!

The two readings, at one of my favorite diners in NYC: Theatre Row Diner, went very well. We stayed and chatted over two hours. The girls and I . . . they are also very intuitive. And a psychic (or intuitive) can hardly read for themselves! Too close to the subject, so to speak! LOL!

All and all a lucrative day . . .

Also, on Sunday, I’ll be seeing a favorite person . . . and he doesn’t know it! Well, unless he checks the reservations.

He is a talented man and a good friend . . . it is always great to see him!

I burned the hell out of my tongue today, though. That was awful. I also burned my lip . . . I will say, it kept me from overeating. It stung really bad for a good two or three hours. Fortunately, or unfortunately for the world, it didn’t stop me from talking.

Now, I cannot remember if I burned my lip today or was it yesterday … whatever the case. At the restaurant, the girls thought it was a cold sore, until I explained what happened.

I hope the burn on my lip fades by Sunday . . . when I see my good friend.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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