Day Ten (10): Co-Creating, Attitude & Belief

Day Ten (10): Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10) Your Imagination is a Powerful Tool

Whether dreaming or awake, the mind thinks in images and symbols. Proponents of the Law of Attraction say that when we can clearly imagine having what we want most want, the Law of Attraction takes over and gives it to us.

The time it takes for a dream to become reality doesn’t really matter so much as getting the desired result. Some experts on the Law of Attraction have pointed out that as soon as someone begins focusing on the thing he or she really wants, the universe gets busy arranging or rearranging the necessary elements and circumstances to make manifestation of that thing possible. The process can be accelerated with a  little planning.

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

Today, I wrote this short story and entered it in a contest on the site.

Thus, to help manifest my writing career … all of you co-create with me and go to the link. Do your best job at critiquing the book. And, if you’d like, join the site and mark my book as a favorite.

By the way, it’s completely free to join You don’t have to be a writer and/or if you do write, anything, you can write it there and set it to: Me, Only and no one else, except you, will be able to read your work.

I’ve very excited to once again have my writing up and around.

I have manifested a writing career and some accolades in my life.

I am published in a book: MORE RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, pages 110-112, Conari Press.

The way I received such an honorin the 1990s, the publisher of RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS asked people to send in stories of kindnesses extended to them and/or kindnesses they gave to others. Apparently, they received over 1000 letters/stories. They chose 25 of them to publish. I was one of them!!!

Later this evening, I had two phone conversations with friends.

One a female friend. She and I have been discussing income lately, flow, abundance. We are both NYC Tour Guides. The income is good, nevertheless, the hours aren’t always full-time and with the new schedule; at least, for me @ three days a week. It will be a little spending money and not much for other luxuries.

She asked me if I read “The Monkey’s Paw” . . . a story about how having money leads to awful things. She admitted to me, her attitude toward wealthy people isn’t, or hasn’t been very positive. And her other attitude, based on her upbringing, etc. says that if something fantastic happened (i.e. she won the lottery); then, as in “The Monkey’s Paw”, something tragic is bound to happen.

Because she is open-minded and learning and really working on embracing my preaching of Law of Attraction…I talked to her about that mindset.

It is the number one reason most of us, in this world … seem to struggle for money, or cannot accumulate it. We believe, from our upbringing and such, that money is evil. Look, even I am not always manifesting a lot of abundance. It is a process . . . to exchange 30 or 40 years, in my case, of negative beliefs and attitudes.

These are the truths we must try to remember, as much as possible:

* Money is not evil. It has no other purpose besides trade. It is merely paper and metals.

* Rich people come in all types. Being rich does NOT mean they walked on anyone.

* Rich people do NOT take away from others by their wealth. A majority of the wealthy worked very hard, and definitely BELIEVED they deserved financial abundance. Thus, they received it!

We must, if we too want to prosper, remind ourselves of these truths.

* I deserve to be wealthy!

* Most wealthy people are generous…this is why the Universe/Source/God rewards them with more and more abundance.

>> Oprah Winfrey gives away cars, houses and helps countless people financially; Bill Gates is the same way as Oprah!

And then, we must believe before we can receive . . .

The earth is abundant, if one just looks . . .

So, friends, let’s co-create . . .

I am financially abundant! Money flows to me each and every day, awake or asleep! I am a magnet to money and abundance!”

Rich people, such as myself, are beautiful, generous, giving and loving people! We love to help others … and help them know, also, they, too, can receive and have abundance! There’s plenty for all of us!”

Oh, yes, be sure to check out my co-creator’s blogs, too . . . Join us, in fact!

Lisa Voorhees:

And Montserrat “Mozz” Mendez:

>>  Mozz has had the flu … and will be catching up on his blog soon.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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