Day Nine (9): Tour Guiding, Readings & Writing

Day Nine (9): Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9) Know That Anything Is Possible

At first it may seem impossible that a person could shrink his debt, acquire wealth, and grow that wealth as much as his mind could imagine. But the Law of Attraction makes anything possible. There are myriad books, CDs, tapes, etc., to teach individuals how to get rich. Often such books offer advice about how to assess your indebtedness, develop a financial plan, imagine putting every step of the plan in place, visualize what’s going to happen, and actualize the events. In this way, the person accelerates the working of the Law of Attraction.

Many people believe that divine consciousness permeates the universe and that when they align themselves in harmony with that consciousness, they become co-creators with the Divine of their destinies. Individuals can tap into the realm of infinite potential and substance. Through their thoughts, they draw into their lives all circumstances, situations, relationships, experiences, and things. The process is continuous and unending.

>> 365 Way To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

Received my NYC Tour Guide schedule today . . . it works really well! Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 9:20 a.m. This way the rest of the week, I can focus on writing, acting, singing, etc.

Then, a client wanted a reading tonight . . . which the timing is fantastic! I need some income. I don’t start the tours until March 23rd.

I began my story for the contest on BookRix . . .give you the link tomorrow.

Afraid my partner in this daily blog has lapsed out . . . and is still at Day Six (6). Hope he is all right!

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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