Day Seven (7): Academy Awards & Filmmaking

Day Seven (7): Sunday, March 7, 2010

7) Let Go of the Negatives, Focus on the Positives

A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction allows us to quickly achieve our goals and get more of the stuff we want and avoid attracting the things we do not want. With deliberate and focused application of the principles of the Law of Attraction, we can all achieve our full human potential and perhaps work together toward creating a more harmonious and just world.

The Law of Attraction, as already noted, works in response to thoughts that have become energized. What if you deliberately focused your intention on something that you wanted to call forth in your life . . . something you deeply desired to manifest? Would the Law of Attraction bring it to you? The answer is yes. Always.

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

Today was Source Writers meet-up at Manhattan Theatre Source . . . It was a reading of Peter Dizozza’s play, based on a ballet.

I was a bit late and as I walked in the door, Peter asked if anyone wanted to read stage directions. Being the consummate actress that I am . . . I volunteered. It is an unusual play. Do I like it? Well, it’s interesting to read such an experimental piece. Would I buy a ticket to a production of it? Probably not, as it is not my kind of theatre.

Peter asked if it had “entertainment” value for production. I do think it has that, for those who enjoy the more experimental theatre pieces. For those who love what I love . . . Broadway musicals, heavy drama . . .no.

After that, I was supposed to meet with Christine at Chelsea Clearview Cinema’s for the Academy Awards telecast (being screened live) . . . she cancelled, at the last-minute to hang out with a new person she is getting to know. After the reading, Ed said he and his wife, Kristina, were having a reading at their home in Brooklyn.

Thus, I went to Dallas BBQ with another playwright, Maria; she may be helping get out of this apartment by finding me a cheaper place to rent . . . and I called Ed, from there.

After dinner, Maria went her way and I headed to Brooklyn for the Oscar party.

Ed & Kristina live in a brand new condo, it’s great! Of course, gave me a chance to see their beautiful, perfect daughter, Harlow (9 months old), too! Love that baby . . . absolutely gorgeous!

It was just Harlow, Ed & I at the beginning . . . Kristina was with her Brooklyn Screenwriting Group. Then, came some friends and Kristina. They had a contest: Whoever predicted the Best Supporting Actor and Actress, or closest, would win some filmmaking books!

Well, I got both right . . . and won “The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook” which also comes with a DVD of forms, etc. I love it!

Watching the Oscars made me want to focus, once again, on film and television acting; particularly film and write my screenplays!

I felt inspired, again. It also made me a bit sad. I thought of Jim Hayden, my high school drama teacher . . . I often told him, I would thank him at the Oscars. He died on September 6, 2009.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

And the Academy Award goes to:

Angela Theresa


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