Day Eight (8): Panic Disorders, Appreciation & Intention

Day Eight (8): Monday, March 8, 2010

8) Anyone Can Use It

Anyone can work with the Law of Attraction to deliberately make choices about what he wants and doesn’t want in his life. He can use the law to help him work out his dreams, desires, and ambitions. So, too, he can repel the things he does not want. Indebtedness worries, for example, can bring more debt. But when thoughts of poverty are replaced with images of abundance, the Law of Attraction springs into action to replace lack with abundance.

The Law of Attraction is not wishful thinking, daydreaming, or momentary flights of fancy. A wish is not strong enough intention. The law is always working to give people they very things they most desire.

>> 365 Ways To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

Tonight I volunteer at Manhattan Theatre Source . . .

Also, the Source Writers Production committee, which I’m on, had an 8 p.m. meeting planned.

Upon arrival at the Source, exciting news . . . we’re doing another Spontaneous Combustion at the end of the month. Strange timing, nevertheless — we’re doing it on a Tuesday evening. Generally, we start on a Friday night. I typed up the new sign-up sheet and am first on the list.

The Source Writers Production Meeting was supposed to be at a little coffee shop on 8th Street . . . Gizzi’s. When I walked over there, Nat was outside, informing us it closes at 8 pm. Laura, Jeremy, Nat & I went back to the Source and had our Production Meeting in the lobby.
It was . . . pun intended, productive! We are deciding if the productions of the plays from our writers will be ours or we work hand in hand with MTS (Manhattan Theatre Source).
I’m working on my screenplay, Sometimes Gay Means Happy, and transposing it into a stage play. More work than I anticipated, though.
Erica stopped by and hung out with me at MTS . . . she helped with garbage, etc. and we chatted about our tour guide job, facebook and men, etc. We have fun conversations! And we’re looking into doing “background work” with Central Casting.
I was reminded, I also need to renew my NYC Tour Guide license.
Earlier today, had a conversation with Mom, Verna . . . she’s a card! She was all freaked out about having to pay income tax this year. I threw her words back at her . . . she likes to preach the Bible to me. I told her how to stop the panic attacks and calm down.
I used to suffer panic disorder, too. It does seem to run in families. Nevertheless, my mother hasn’t cured hers, as I have mind. She’s 78-years-old and it’s not good for her to panic like that.
The cure, at least, part of it . . .


Those of us who have had or suffer panic disorder . . .get all worked up over things that have NOT happened yet. We anticipate the worse. Negative reinforcement. We react as if someone has a gun to our head.

The first rule of panic attacks is to remember and note:

* No one, in the history of the world, has died from a panic attack. Ever!

>> Yes, you may feel you are going to die. Or that you cannot breathe, but you are actually breathing too much (hyperventilating). You are taking in too much oxygen and causing the panting; which, in turn, makes you dizzy (light-headed) and causes heart palpitations.

>> Many sufferers falsely believe, like my mother, something is wrong with their heart (it is palpitating). It is, though, in cases of panic attack, a reaction to hyperventilating.

>>  Panic attacks raise your blood pressure. BUT, that does not mean you have high blood pressure all the time.

[Sometime I’ll tell you a story about that. I’ll tell you now. A few years ago, during a panic attack, a stupid PA took my blood pressure. He said you have high blood pressure and wanted to put me on medication for it. I explained to him, at the time, I was having a PANIC ATTACK and to take my blood pressure once I calmed down. He refused. Thus, he marked me as having high blood pressure. Which I do not!]


That said, yes, have your heart checked, regularly. And have your blood pressure checked during and after panic attacks.

A quick cure to stop panic attacks:

* Note what you do have . . . STOP FOCUSING on what may come or what you may not have.

i.e. My mother has some savings, quite a bit. She is freaking out (panicking) because she MAY have to dwindle it down to pay her income tax bill. She does NOT know how much she will owe, yet. Nevertheless, months before she finishes her taxes she is already raising her blood pressure, getting faint and hyperventilating over something that hasn’t even happened yet!

> She has the money to pay it, if need be.

> If her savings dwindles down, she, at this date, still has it.

> Unless she was a millionaire, she won’t owe that much.

> Secondly, realistically, there is no more DEBTOR’S PRISON and the IRS does NOT take your house one month after you do not pay. Particularly, in cases where my mother’s bill may be $1,000 and maybe $2,000 at most. The IRS chases and forecloses on those who owe $100,000 or more! PULEEZE!

> The IRS will do payment plans for that amount! If you’re on a limited budget, you can, legally pay as little as $5.00 a month. As long as you’re paying, the IRS will work with you.

Thus, what I’m saying to everyone who goes through this . . .

Note what is real, positive and do NOT focus on what MAY happen (at least, the negative part). I do agree with focusing on what can and will happen, if it is positive and matches your intention of the future.

Remember, what you focus on grows ten-fold . . . be it negative or positive. And those with panic disorder and other such, very curable, disturbances tend to forget: You create your own reality. And you create the negative or positive with your expectation.

I reminded my mother:

At this point, today . . . she has savings (quite a bit).

>> Her argument: But, I might (MIGHT?) have to use it for the IRS bill.

I reminded her . . . yet, today, you have the money! It has NOT run out. It is there and available.

My assignment to you all and I do, generally, do most everyday:

Pick five to ten things, everyday, that you appreciate in your life:

>> I prefer “appreciate” to “grateful”.

>> Either one is wonderful. Nevertheless, to many of us “grateful” can insinuate a feeling of not deserving it. And when the feeling is negative, it is opposite of law of attraction.

>> Appreciate denotes that you do, indeed, “feel” you deserve good things from the Universe and are acknowledging your appreciation for the delivery of that which you intended and “knew” you would receive.

>> That goes along with the Power of Prayer . . . Thanking Mother/Father God, Universe or all the Powers That Be for what you want, as if you have already received it.

* Thank you for the abundant income from my acting talents!

And on that note: City Island called this evening and thanked me for auditioning … alas, I was not cast in any role in “Blithe’s Spirit.

My immediate thoughts …

> Well, it is a bit of hassle to get to City Island for rehearsals

> They have a tendency to cast people they know well. (Not to sound snobby; but, I was really good and I fit this show very well. Thus, I think it was politics. Not that all who auditioned were bad [maybe brilliant]. Nevertheless, I fit this show perfectly, and am surprised I wasn’t cast.)

> Due to reasons, such as the commute: I think I will stick to Manhattan theatre only. And the only times I will seek the further commute is when it is PAYING work.

> My analysis of the situation to: The Universe does want me to do paying work and stick to what I have intended: Professional Theatre (Off Broadway/Broadway/Paying work) and Manhattan (Manhattan Theatre Source, etc. non-paying Off Off Broadway) where I can be seen by casting directors, agents, etc.

My appreciation (future):

* Thank you for a great NYC Tour Schedule; allowing me to continue my theatre, writing and intuitive work!

* Thank you for a very successful run of my friend’s play, GOOD CLEAN FUN.

* Thank you for a loving, kindred spirit, best friend/lover and life partner relationship with him (for me to know).

* Thank you for my growing income doing what I love!

* Thank you, Universe, for reaching and sustaining my weight goal and being in the best health of my life!

I truly appreciate and love …

1) My creativity . . . ideas and getting my work out there through teaching, writing and acting.

2) My circle of incredible, loving and wise friends.

3) Having plenty of food and my own room.

4) Having all my items with me.

5) My health and abilities.

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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