Day Five (5): Centerstage & Spiritualism

Day Five (5): Friday, March 5, 2010

5) The Law in Modern Times

Some say the Law of Attraction concept is possibly just an updated version of the teachings of the late Wallace Wattle (1860-1911) and those of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993). Wattle, who was born into poverty and became wealthy, wrote about the science of getting rich. Peale became famous for his ideas about the power of the positive thinking. Both men emphasized the role of conscious and intensely focused thought in achieving the desired goal. Both men believed in a higher power at work in human lives. Wattles referred to it as “formless” intelligence and substance. Peale, a clergyman, spoke and wrote the power and presence of God.

* Today, I auditioned for Blithe’s Spirit at City Island Theatre Group (tonight, at least).

* Brightened up, (darkened), my red hair . . . what do you think?

Preparing for the audition . . . roommates home, I had a few revelations today.

First of all . . . some people (maybe a lot of them) do not care about how other people feel, or live. One would think adults could have some consideration for those they live with.

This is sort of old news, but the conversation came up again.

One of my roommates was very ill (coughing, stuffed up, chest pains, etc.) for a few weeks. During this time, she started a new job and was, understandably, feeling like crap. Of course, she hadn’t received a paycheck, yet.

Well, she needed something to help her catch her breath. Her coughing was so bad that even her own sister wouldn’t let her come to her place because she “didn’t want to catch” whatever my roommate had. Thus, I was being exposed to it regularly. I made liberal use of my lysol.

One day, my roommate comes out, says “Lysol makes me cough and it has carcinogens in it.”

Of course, I informed her that her smoking cigarettes causes cancer a lot more often than Lysol! And I do not believe that, anyway . . . about Lysol.

I told her to go to the ER and get help. The Emergency Room does BILL YOU, if you do not have money to pay. She kept telling me she has no insurance or money. Well, NEITHER DO I. And if she gives me bronchitis and/or pneumonia or H1N1 virus, I will be suffering with no help from her!

Thus, luckily, I didn’t catch her illness and she is past all of it now. I told her, again, though, that not visiting a doctor was stupid, really. I used more tactful words. She told me, again, “I do what I want to do.” Which, of course, meant, that she will see a doctor if she wants to.

That means, to me: Doesn’t matter if she kills her roommates . . .gives us illness or endangers our health. Nice to know people care about spreading their germs. This is why, exactly, we get pandemics. People don’t care who they give their illnesses to.

Ok, its negative . . . just needed to get if off my chest!

My point, and I have one: People should respect other people they interact with . . . in my humble opinion. If you have a potentially contagious disease, and you interact or live with other people; insurance or not. You should make sure you’re not hurting other or spreading the disease. Maybe it won’t kill you, but it could kill a person you give it to. And this, my friends, is why the Emergency Room is set up with a billing system! For those of us without health insurance and low on funds.

They bill you and many ER’s even help you set up Medicaid and other programs to pay the bill.

Healthy, brightened up hair . . . I took my one train and two busses trip to City Island. Somewhere along my trip, I lost my unlimited one-week Metrocard ($27.00), and a few of my friends at City Island gave me a bunch of quarters for the bus back.

Mom let me borrow another $27.00 for a new card when I returned to Queens.

The audition seems to have went well. They let me read the lead three times (Angela Lansbury played the role) and once for the part of the maid. I should hear Sunday or Monday, I am guessing. As they do have auditions tomorrow, too.

I felt good and am looking forward to hearing. The show has several roles that would fit . . .

There were quite a few auditioning, though . . . thus, it is hard to say! More woman than men, and there’s only a certain amount of roles.

Of course, I have played an Angela Lansbury role before on stage . . . in 2003 when I did KIND LADY in Granada Hills, CA. As I tell people, I was NOT the kind lady!

In fact, here’s a photograph from that . . . I am much younger than Angela Lansbury when she did Blithe’s Spirit; although, I do fit that sort of quirky role very well!!!

My other news . . . gathering people to read through GOOD CLEAN FUN, soon. Should I not get in this show, I’ll just do a production of GOOD CLEAN FUN and be in that one! If I am cast in BLITHE’S SPIRIT, then, of course . . . I’ll do GOOD CLEAN FUN after!

Aw, theatre is my life . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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