Day Four (4): Plans In Motion & Creating Opportunities

Day Four (4): Thursday, March 4, 2010

4) Origins of the Law

According to some who have studied it, the universal great Law of Attraction has been with us since the beginning of time, perhap;s even at the moment of creation and the beginning of thought. Others say it is impossible to pinpoint exactly when the concept entered human consciousness.

Some self-help experts say the Law of Attraction possibly dates as far back as 6,000 to 7,000 years ago where it found expression in the mystical traditions and beliefs of the ancients. Magicians of long ago certainly observed and wrote about affinities between things before the advent of science. Translations of ancient texts suggest that our spiritual ancestors thought a lot about the heaven and earth and all the creatures that existed as well as pondered the relationships between things.

>> 365 Day To Live The Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

* Received the script, GOOD CLEAN FUN, from my friend and playwright, Sherry Goldberg

* Send out the date and time and price to start the “Spirituality To Create Your Creative Career” classes at MANHATTAN THEATRE SOURCE

If felt good to have all of this and making the plans to start teaching, produce (again) the play GOOD CLEAN FUN, and this time, do it as a “Playground” show at MTS. I will play ‘Millie’. I usually, twice now, have played ‘Jessie’. This time, I think I’m going to try a different role.

* Did my ‘Sweatin’ To The Oldies II’ DVD

Had a reading tonight, also, with Psychic Extraordinare, Psychic Tee (@PsychicTee or Yes, even us with such gifts must have readings . . .

This reading confirmed a few things and led me to a decision (well, I came to the decision on my own).

Earlier today, after thinking about the stress surrounding my slow manifestion of earning my own money; instead of depending on Mom. Yes, I am manifesting money…from my mother in Florida. Nevertheless, it causes her much stress as she is on a limited income. My income fluctuates so wildly, my status is best described as unemployed.

Sure, busy as a bee, yet, at this point, my earned income is low. Nevertheless, LOA in action: I am on my way to abundance beyond my imagination!

In my moment of panic (never a good time to take action) . . . I texted my boss at City Sights [where, for Spring-Summer 2009  I was a NYC Tour Guide; currently on Winter leave]. My friend, still guiding, Erica informed me the new Spring 2010 schedules come out around March 19th. Thus, I texted my boss and told him; I would like to return to work, but only Monday – Friday, daytime shifts.

Lately, my theatre Off Off Broadway and Way Off Broadway, pretty much takes up my evenings and weekends, right?

My boss texted back and said he will schedule based “on the company’s needs”.

Taken aback, but not shocked, I decided, at that moment: If the new schedule conflicts with rehearsals (I auditioned for BLITHE’S SPIRIT tomorrow evening; should I be cast) or my Sunday afternoons as ‘Source Playwright’. I will no longer be a City Sights NYC Tour Guide.

Yes, I currently need the money, to lift the burden from my elderly mother . . . nevertheless, if I stop doing theatre now; it will devastate me emotionally. This is the manifestation of my dream! To act on stage! I’ve built up this manifestation via my law of attraction .  .  . and the Universe gave me these gifts. I will not take them for granted. No matter how unpopular it may seem.

I will just have to seek a “day job” that doesn’t conflict with evening and weekend theatre, teaching, etc. and not be a City Sight NYC Tour Guide. I mean, if the schedule is not to my liking.

Thus, I had the reading with Tee . . . she confirmed:

* Keep on doing theatre as it was brought to me via my LOA

* My life partner is on his way, to be patient. I may have met him too soon. He wasn’t ready.

* My career, how I will make my money, will be through all my talents; not just one. Acting, Writing (three books she saw), Intuitive/Medium work, teaching (Intuitive & Acting).

So be it . . .

So it is . . .

Love, Light & Laughter . . .

Angela Theresa


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