Day One (1): Think And So It Is

Yes, playing catch up . . . Pretend it’s: Monday, March 1, 2010

First, from the book: 365 Ways To Live the Law of Attraction by Meera Lester

1) An Ancient Teaching with Many Names

Monder spiritual seekers have called the Law of Attraction a recently discovered ancient secret teaching. Indeed, the law is ancient in it’s origins. Whether or not it was ever lost or purposefully kept secret could be argued, but what is true is that through the centuries, various spiritual teachers, philosophers, and others have mentioned or discussed the Law of Attraction, albeit calling it by various names in their teachings or writings. Today, renewed interest in the subject has catapulted the ages-old concept into mainstream popular culture while simultaneously placing it under a lens of scrutiny.

You may already be familar with the conept of the law. The popular books and CDs about the Law of Attraction by Americans Esther and Jerry Hicks and Canadian Michael Losier, among others, as well as the mega hit, The Secret, by Australian Rhonda Byrne have put principles of that universal spiritual law into greater public awareness.

In case no one noticed . . . green is my favorite color! And currently, my favorite Broadway musical is WICKED. My dream role, well, you don’t have to be psychic to figure it out.

Thus, this day was a fabulous day to start, as Mozz and I had already planned this last week. And due to us doing this planning, many things, by law of attraction, have already begun to appear or get a start.

All week, without fail, I have closely been following my eating lifestyle change. I have been in Weight Watchers since July, and was a bit disappointed, when, last week (Tuesday meetings in Astoria); my weight had gone up 3.2 lbs from my last weigh in.

Due to doing another stage production, rehearsals and performance; I had missed about three or four weeks of meetings at WW. Also, my focus on weight loss and health has been up and down since July. Really, in all these months, the most I’ve lost is 15 lbs; via WW scale. In April 2009 to July 2009, I lost about 10 lbs. on my own. That said, the 15 lbs thru WW, since my initial loss has been fluctuating between losing and gaining the same 5 lbs for weeks.

I certainly don’t exercise enough. And am addicted to sugary drinks! Thus, this whole week … I started “The Biggest Loser” game with myself. 

I cut from three glasses of Dr. Pepper to one . . . every day this week!

I went from three bottles of Peach Ice Tea Snapple to one glass, or at most, one bottle.

I exercised with my buddy, Richard Simmons (Sweatin’ To The Oldies tapes) four of these seven days. And did two days of “The Firm” (which really is hard — but, damn, I know what muscles I haven’t worked in months)!

I counted my points each and every day, which rarely am I so concentrated.

This, being Monday, I have only one day until WW weigh-in. I feel good . . .

Tonight, though, I had my volunteer hours at Manhattan Theatre Source, sort of my home away from home. Only last month, I received an award at the 10th Anniversary of the theatre. Tell you more about that later . . . it was cool!

When I arrived, it was quiet and found our general manager, Jenny Green, was upstairs in a free writing workshop. She did ask me if I wanted to join it.

I went to the Source, though, in hopes to work on my my writing (on the computer) and meet some play deadlines, and catch up on email. And starting here, the blog.

To catch you up, though . . . of the events that’s transpired.

Talking with Jenny, after the writing class (which I did not participate, I stayed downstairs on the computer) . . . she was closing early; which was good since my friend, Erica, was there.

Before we left, Jenny showed me an autographed poster from WICKED. She told me it was found hidden behind boxes, during cleaning. And she knows I am the biggest WICKED fan of all time, probably! 😉 So, she gave it to me.

I did tell Jenny, it was originally there for an auction to help the theatre. Thus, it was given to me, with the stipulation, that, should the theatre have a fundraiser; I’d bring it back for auction!

It’s autographed by the cast I saw! Last time I saw the show, too!!! Lisa Bresnia as “Elphaba”. And Lisa went to the same school as Jenny and I. A sign? I feel so!

Then, I was speaking to Erica about my Psychic/Medium Development classes. Jenny said she’d be interested in those sort of classes . . . and we could use the theatre! Thus, we discussed me starting Law of Attraction classes aimed at actors, to help them manifest their career’s.

My LOA has certainly gotten me into show after show . . . and I know, is leading me to all of this and Broadway and an lucrative acting career!

Manifesting heaven . . .

A wonderful “touchstone”: An autographed poster from WICKED

And soon, my other goal: To GUIDE OTHERS with my skills, by teaching classes

This will lead to a book, I am sure . . . Writing!

See, it’s working . . .

Love, Light & Laughter…

Angela Theresa 




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