It begins: Day 1 of “Manifesting Magic in My Life”

Today it began . . .

I was supposed to choose ten (10) things to manifest in the next 365 Days, using what I’ve learned and what I will learn as I put it all into action.

I chose ten things in my head and on the phone with Mozz. Mozz & I decided to do this together.

The things I have in my head, and haven’t written down yet, are already beginning to happen!!! See what happens when you put it out there?!

I need to really write this all out. It is, technically, March 2nd and the start date is March 1st. So, pretend it is the first and I will definitely post today (later), the rest of this and Day 2: Manifesting Magic in My Life.

There’s the link for my friend … as we do this together! Woo Hoo!

Yes, I’m a couple of days behind…one of the things to work on for this 365 Days. My procrastination!

My 365 Days to Manifest Magic In My Life

1)  Reach my goal weight (and sustain it) and be in the best health of my life.

2) Make a good living doing what I love: Acting, Writing, Singing, Intuitive/Medium, Lecture/Speaking work (of a spiritual nature)

3)  Earn my AEA (Actor’s Equity) and SAG (Screen Actors Guild) membership

4)  See two of my plays produced on the professional stage.

5)  Sell one or more screenplays. Writing and publishing two or more books.

6)  Get together with my life partner: An intelligent, loving, funny, kind, spiritual, financial secure man. He adores me and I adore him.

7)  Adopt two children from the foster/adopt program (or be in process of completing this); and/or having a child of my own.

8)  Cleaning my credit, paying my past due bills and financially secure, at a level that’s gives me my needs and a few luxuries.

9) To help guide others to their gifts, dreams and meeting and achieving goals. Through teaching, my writing, funding (too) and my example.

10)  To make my Broadway, and my motion picture debut (speaking and/or singing roles with substantial stage and screen time)…in no particular order! 

Love, Light & Laughter . . . 



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